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Marcus Brigstocke

June 2010

My weekend:
My idea of a perfect weekend is spending time with the wife and kids, good food and friends. Oh and a trip to the theatre to play King Arthur in Spamalot.
We opened last weekend. Very exciting.
We get Sundays off so I tend to spend that relaxing at home.
I often work at weekends anyway.
It will usually start on a Saturday morning with muesli, Radio 4 and one of the 800 supplements in the Saturday Telegraph.
As a family we’ve been to Longleat, which was fun. There is a camp site right inside the park and not too many gift shops selling rubbish. So I can recommend that.
In terms of viewing habits, I don’t really find time to get to the cinema all that much. The last film I saw on the big screen was A Single Man, which I hated. I'm looking forward to seeing Four Lions.
The DVD box set which has impressed me most lately is The West Wing. That really is exceptional.
I read mainly non-fiction but having young children I do enjoy reading things with them. Lately that has been Superfreakonomics and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I eat out a lot with the job I do but close to home, my favourite restaurant has to be Roka in Charlotte Street, London. That said I like any restaurant that can serve up good seafood.
If I have a takeaway at home I’ll more often than not go for a curry from my local the Holy Cow.
Do you keep fit? Well I do have a gym membership and I do have a personal trainer but I don't remember what he looks like. That tells you all you need to know about my philosophy on keeping fit.
As I said before, my radio preference is Radio 4 but on a Saturday morning I will tune in to listen to Jonathan Ross on radio 2.
I do play music at home. I have a huge selection and it can be quite an eclectic mix of genres. Having said that, more often than not you’ll be able to hear Pink Floyd and the Cure.
I work in the evening a lot so, as with any performer, I’m not able to see a lot of gigs, theatre and comedy shows but I did make time to see Flight of the Conchords last month and that was excellent.

Spamalot runs at the Theatre Royal from Monday June 7 to Saturday June 12. Tickets range from £14 to £35 and are available from the box office on 0115 989 5555 or online

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