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"Unprofessional, rude, offensive"


Good news and bad!

We managed to open the cafe/deli on time on Friday, and have been very busy since.

I must however issue an official complaint against the photographer, Simon Wilson. I am disappointed to inform you it has been brought to my attention that he has been broadcasting negative comments about my business and also using offensive names about me via Facebook. I find this extremely upsetting, and embarrassing.

This is not only highly unprofessional, but I found his manner when he came to Pierreponts on Saturday to be very rude, and he seemed extremely rushed. Fortunately Rav is my future son-in-law, but I must say I would have felt very uncomfortable posing "cheek to cheek" or "gazing into each others eyes" as Simon had demanded, if I did not know the person invited to open my shop. He was here less than 5 minutes and snapped one location sat down with no background of the counter, customers, or shop front captured. Since then I have received a hastily typed one line email simply saying "one picture attached, have 3 more looking the same". No information about when I should expect to see this published has been offered.

I am disgusted by his lack of professionalism and am prepared to take this matter further as I would expect more from an employee of the Nottingham Evening Post.

I would be grateful to get your take on this, and for your information I have the messages saved should he dispute this. Whilst everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion it would be appropriate for someone in his line of work to keep it just that and not disclose this on a social networking and very public site.

Kind regards

Pamela Alcorn

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