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The Saturdays: Mollie

September 2010
IT is very rare that we get two days off in a row, so if I had the whole weekend off I’d quite like to go and visit somewhere to make the most of it. I don’t really like to sit around, I get a bit bored.
You know, looking around a city, learning about new places. Of course we do travel around a lot but we normally only see the venue wherever we are. We’re always on the move.
We’ve just back from LA where we were shooting a video for a our next single and filming for our ITV2 documentary, so today I’m completely exhausted. All I’ve done is take my dog out for a walk and watched Friends.
We do have this weekend off so I think I’ll be going to Liverpool. My boyfriend is from Liverpool so we’ll probably be spending the weekend with his family.
My favourite TV series is Gossip Girl. I love Friends and Sex & The City but I also watch a lot of programmes about animals. I was up last night at three in the morning because I had jet lag watching Penguin Island. So nature documentaries like that, they’re so well done.
I watch DVD box sets more than I watch series on TV because I never know if I’m going to be around to catch the next episode. Last Christmas I was watching Prison Break which kept me indoors for hours. And I’ve just got the Gossip Girl box set.
Going to the cinema is my favourite thing but I rarely get time. I’m trying to persuade my boyfriend to go and see Salt, with Angelina Jolie. I thought he’d want to check her out but he doesn’t seem too keen.
I love eating out but I love takeaways just as much. It tends to be an Indian, although I had a Chinese last night. I like to go out for Italian meals. I go to the Mayfair Hotel quite often in London, which does really good British food.
I can eat pretty much anything I want to as long as I stay active. And it’s all go with our job anyway.
I haven’t been to the gym in around two years but we do lots of dancing and we’re always on the go so I’m quite lucky that I stay quite slim.
I have a personal trainer who I do kettle bell training with. They’re a bit like weights. They’re lie these big balls that you sort of fly around. They’re really heavy and they tone up the whole body. I belive in them so much. If we’re going on tour I’ll do three weeks of intensive training with them.
I read books but I like reading plays. I had a few acting lessons recently and got in to it from there. They’re quite easy to read.
I’ve just finished one called Laundry & Bourbon (by James McLure) about these people in Texas and Proof (by David Auburn) about a mathematician.
In terms of music, I like John Mayer, I’ve just got the Jason Derula album and I like Justin Bieber. I’ve got Bieber fever. I don’t fancy him but his songs are really good.
If there’s ever a gig I really want to go to I tell our management to try and keep the evening free. The last one I went to was John Mayer in Hammersmith and Paolo Nutini. I love him.
I’ve just bought tickets to go and see Legally Blonde in the West End. No, I won’t be taking my boyfriend to that, it’ll be my mum and my sisters.
I’d spend my perfect weekend with my family and my boyfriend and we’d do something outdoors. Recently we all went zorbing. You go inside this big ball and they push you down a hill. It was so much fun. Then we went out for a Sunday roast afterwards. That was a really good weekend.

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