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Christopher Biggins

April 2010

IF I’m at home on a Sunday, I’d just throw something dirty on, whatever I was wearing the night before, and go straight to the newsagent for the Sunday Times and the News of the World. Then I’d get back into bed and read them.
Perhaps I’ll occasionally go to the study to check something, but it would be a slovenly day where I’d never leave the bed.
Reading the papers, watching television, eating... all in bed.
I’d do that on both days if I could.
I’m a great Sky+ person. I don’t know what we did before Sky+. On there is Dancing on Ice, Brothers and Sisters, which is a brilliant American TV series, and Desperate Housewives.
You know the hotelier who’d go around hotels and tell them how to improve [Ruth Watson]? She’s doing one on stately homes and that is very funny.
And I’m an absolutely avid fan of Michael Winner’s Dining Stars. It is so bad it is fantastic.
He’s an old friend of mine and it’s so wonderfully bad I can’t tell you.
Glee is fantastic. It’s so camp it’s not true.
I haven’t bought a DVD box set since Prison Break. I’ve got 24 but I’ve never gotten in to it.
And I can’t get past episode one of The Wire – they say it’s wonderful, I don’t understand it.
I’m reading the new Robert Goddard at the moment. I love thrillers and mysteries. And biographies.
I’m getting back into Kenneth Williams’ Diaries. I never get the time to read until I go on holiday. When I go to bed I tend to watch whatever I’ve recorded on Sky+.
But when I’m on holiday I read a lot.
I love books, I’ve got thousands at home.
I find it very odd when I visit friends and they don’t have a bookcase.
I’ve just been sent Linda Bellingham’s autobiography in which I feature heavily. Behaving myself? Certainly not.
I love cooking, the trouble is I’m not an instant cook. I can’t go to the fridge and make something in minutes.
I’m very much a three-day dinner party man. The first day shopping, the second preparing, the third cooking.
Then by 6pm, when people are starting to arrive, I wonder why the hell I asked them because I’m absolutely exhausted.
I’m very much a Waitrose and Marks & Spencer meal man.
We have lots of those. Having said that, my partner is a very good cook.
Pantomime keeps me fit. Two shows a day, that certainly keeps me fit.
I like swimming but I’m so lazy. I don’t go to the gym.
I’ve got one of those plates that wobbles you around – Power Plates, that’s what they’re called.There’s one that sits at the bottom of our bed and I run past it every morning and try not to let it see me.

Dancing on Ice is at the Trent FM Arena on January 27 and 28. For tickets, priced at £32.50 to £55, call 08444 124624.

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