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"Unshaven, chewing, smutty"

April 2009

"Saw the Tuesday evening show with my wife and we both enjoyed it immensely. The only thing which spoiled the evening was Simon Wilson, the guest judge from the Post. He was unshaven, chewed most of the time and looked like he had slept rough in the clothes he was wearing. This was in stark comparison to everything else about the show, which was professionally and immaculately presently, as were the other judges and all the performers. Mr Wilson was a very poor ambassador for the Evening Post"
Roger Brooks, West Bridgford

"T and D were amazing. Bolero was as good as 25 years ago. It almost seemed effortless for them. The whole show was exciting, fun and thoroughly enjoyable. I agree with the comments made about Simon Wilson, he was hardly an example of Nottingham folk, and his smutty comments were totally unacceptable in a family atmosphere. He should be ashamed of himself and be appologising."
chris, nottingham

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