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A letter from Paul Daniels

October 2008

Did he like the review? Not alot...

With regard to Simon Wilson's comment

"Bolstered by a large dry white during an overdue interval and Paul Daniels shows he’s the most natural with the audience, comfortably filling in gaps between tricks that aren't so well delivered -- a card trick from 60 feet away with no screens?...."

I have tried projecting the tricks onto screens but it really doesn't work unless you are playing a guitar and leaping about. The problem is the attention of the audience is divided between the performer and the screen. Another problem is that people don't applaud TV screens, probably because they don't when they are at home. In a live performance they want to watch just that, and in the particular effect referred to, you don't need to see the cards anyway, it's all a joke. That's probably why the audience laughs.
Nottingham was great and thanks to the audience for a great reaction to all the acts. As an aside it must be very difficult for Simon to sit there surrounded by people really enjoying themselves, and totally ignore them.

Paul Daniels

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