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James Morrison

July 2010
My weekend
IF I get a weekend off I’ll be at home with the family. I’ve got a kid now. We live near Brighton. It’s a nice lifestyle for going out, it’s good for kids because there are nice schools and the air’s clean. I moved down there initially because it was near the sea and that reminded me of growing up in Cornwall.
There’s loads for the family to do. The other week I took (Elsie) to a farm. So my weekend’s will be normal family stuff like that, if I’m not working. The time I get with my family is pretty precious at the moment because I’m away so much.
I still go out for a drink. I still want have a good time because I don’t get a lot of time off, so I mix the two.
My daughter’s nearly two. She loves Peppa Pig. I can’t stand it, I think the character is a spoilt little brat. She also likes Tom & Jerry. I’ve been trying to get her in to the old school stuff, like Jungle Book, all the stuff I watched when I was a kid.
My little girl likes being outside so we don’t sit in front of the telly much at all.
I like stupid comedies, like
Anchorman, or a Bruce Willis action film. I watched Daybreakers the other day, about vampires. It wasn’t too bad. I’ll watch anything really apart from period dramas. I can’t stand them.
My girlfriend doesn’t like action films or anything violent. She gets scared really easily. So I always try and steer her in that direction just so I can watch her get scared. She likes comedies and girly films, like The Notebook, stuff that’ll make girls cry. There’s always a handsome bloke and romantic story.
I don’t watch that much telly anymore. When I do it’ll be Family Guy, Harry Hill, Oops TV and You’ve Been Framed. Pop telly, you know. I even still watch Friends.
The music I buy is new stuff that I’ve been told about, like Jack Johnson, Mumford & Sons and old classics, like Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers or Chairman Of The Board.
I used to get sent a lot of stuff but I don’t mind buying it. I know I should milk it and get as many free CDs as I can.
I don’t see many gigs when I’m touring but when I’ve got time off I will. I’ve seen Plan B recently. I saw David Gray, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, an American girl called Ingrid Michaelson... I’ve been to quite a few. That’s the good thing about being in this business, you get a lot of free tickets.
I’m not bad at cooking. I’ve got better over the last couple of years because I’ve been reading cookbooks. Before, I didn’t know how to cook any proper meals. I could do a roast but it wouldn’t be very good, whereas now it tastes good every time.
If Beyonce and Lady Gaga came round for dinner what would I cook? I don’t think they’d be happy with anything I cooked. I’d do them a nice, wholesome English meal, a Yorkshire pudding and some nice veg, if they didn’t like it then tough. (he actually said: “then screw you”)
I’m really not that good at keeping fit. That’s the main thing I’m trying to tackle. That and smoking. I let it go recently. I was running three times a week and I was going snowboarding, but since I’ve been a home, I’ve found it really hard to find the energy to do a workout.
A perfect weekend would be having some friends round on a Friday night, having a jam, a drink and a smoke. The weather would be nice so we’d be outside. We recently went to a rundown castle, which was great. So it’d be simple stuff like that with the family and friends.

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