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Pixie Lott

June 2010

JUST last month Pixie Lott was at the Trent FM Arena supporting Rihanna, where there were a few familiar faces in the crowd.
“I know people who go to uni in Nottingham so I invited a few of them down to the show,” says the 19-year-old, who was born Victoria Louise Lott.
“They all went out afterwards but I couldn’t because I had a show the next day. I had an early night. I’d like to go out in Nottingham because they tell me it’s a lot of fun.”
The Rihanna tour saw Lott playing to around 10,000 people every night.
“We didn’t really bump in to each other backstage because it was all manic but I have met her before and she was always so nice.”
She’s “somewhere in London” -somewhat in a daze having been up since 4am to appear on GMTV.
“It as fun.”
Isn’t that tall bloke a bit creepy?
“(Laughs) No, he was nice.”
The singer is in a whirlwind of promotion this week, with the announcement of her debut headline UK tour that will mean her returning to Nottingham in November.
“I want to make sure it’s an amazing show. I’m going to have to think about song choices, dancers, costumes...”
But with only one album’s worth of songs how can she fill a 90 minute set?
“We repackaging the album with new songs for September time. There’ll be a couple more singles out before the end of the year.”
Who does she want to support her?
“I think there a few people up for it but no-one’s confirmed. I’d like acts that I can help out.”
Who would be the dream billing? Madonna?
“(Laughs) Imagine, my support act’s Madonna.”
Lott grew up in Kent on a diet of Take That, Diana Ross and Mariah Carey, graduated from the Italia Conti stage school and was soon appearing in a West End production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and on stage with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters.
It has been 12 months since the release of her debut single Mama Do. Since then she’s earned three Brit Award nominations, sold two million singles - two of which were No. 1 - and shifted nearly a million copies of her debut album, Turn It Up.
The title track was released as a single this week.
“I’m writing lots of new material at the moment, I’ve been going out to America because my music is going to be coming out there and I’m doing a bit of acting.”
“I’m doing a comedy film in the next couple of months called Sweet Baby Jesus.”
She’ll play Mary, a pregnant girl rumoured to be carrying the new messiah. Sounds bonkers but the cast includes Kim Cattrall, Sam Rockwell, Bill Nighy, Robbie Coltrane and Bette Midler.
A fan of Skins and The Hills, she rarely gets much time to watch movies or TV.
“I’d really like a holiday,” she says, her voice hoarse from the early rise.
“I’d like some sunshine, to be on a beach, that would be amazing. I went skiing a few months ago with two of my best friends, which was fun but it’s different to a kind of relaxing summer holiday.”
Will she be watching the World Cup?
“Definitely,” says the West Ham fan.
“I can’t wait. I’m going to try and go out today and buy my shirt. It’s going to be so good.”

Who: Pixie Lott
Where: Royal Concert Hall
When: November 30
Tickets: £23.50 (on sale tomorrow), 0871 2200 260

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