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Mathew Horne at Castle Wharf

MONDAY Tony Hadley talks about a gig he's putting on at Rock City for one of his roadies who had a brain tumour diagnosed last November. The gig, which he promises will be " a party that'll include all the songs everyone knows", is on May 12.

TUESDAY Gavin And Stacey's Mathew Horne drops in to the office and is surrounded by the Admag girls. He's a charmer with the ladies. Even if some of them are closer to the "Am I bovvered?" Lauren character he played opposite in the Catherine Tate Show.

WEDNESDAY BBC news struggling for summat to talk about leading on a survey that indicates women who eat cereal at the time of conception will likely have boys.
GMTV don't fare much better as the remarkably inept Fiona Philips spews forth with this nugget: "What do they say about not throwing stones at glass houses?"

THURSDAY Meet Alvin Stardustand his child's guitar that his mum bought for a quid when he was 12 and is now worth £1M - that's how much a Yank casino billionaire has offered him anyway - because it's signed by Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Stones, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and others... And he's carrying out around like it's a plank of wood. No air-conditioned case or armed security in sight. He must be out of his tiny mind...
Phoner with The Wedding Present's David Gedge a.k.a Uncle Dave. Not literally of course but at college he and Morrissey were indie Gods.

FRIDAY Medium Tony Stockwell has been studying a photograph of someone in my family who has "passed over to the other side" because he reckons he can "read" it and reveal details of his life and personality. He can't. Embarrassingly so.

Listening to: James - Hey Ma; The Smiths - Meat Is Murder: Madonna - Hard Candy; The Wedding Present - El Ray

Walking: A swan in the Grantham canal picks at the floating corpse of a pigeon.

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