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Gene Simmons of Kiss claims to have slept with the equivalent of two different women every week for the past 45 years

MONDAY: Psychic Sally Morgan on the phone. Eventually. Had a bogger of a job getting through to her on "the other side"... of the country. Her number is blocked from switchboard calls. She was Diana's medium of choice for 4 years but oddly hasn't been in touch with her to find out what happened in the tunnel. Mmmmm...

TUESDAY: Word comes in of two major music events happening in the city. Not talking of a Paper Lace revival here but two new festivals. The first is City Pulse May Bank Holiday, three days in the Square, Hockley and Forman Street with world music, local bands and Athlete, Ben's Brother and Elliot Minor. Not bad for a freebie. The next is much better. To be revealed in EG May 9.

WEDNESDAY: Have word that Lou Reed is up for an interview "but don't talk about drugs." Apparently, despite his grumpy persona, he is a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Spotted: Feeder and Mavericks albums in the pound shop in Skank Marsh.

THURSDAY: Meat Loaf is up for a chat at some point. Last time we spoke he threatened to: "come up there and slap you up the side of the head." My mum could take him.

FRIDAY: Awake at 4am unable to sleep and searching Virgin's On Demand when I happen upon Shrink Rap, that on-the-couch TV pyschology with Billy Connolly's missus talking to Gene Simmons. The Kiss frontman - they're headlining Donington in June - reckons on having slept with 4800 women. He started at 13, is now 58 so that breaks down to two different women every week for 45 years. Mmmmm unlikely Eugene. More interesting is that he was Isreali born and his mum survived a Nazi concentration camp.

Listening to: REM - Accelerate; James - Hey, Ma; Nick Cave - Dig !!! Lazarus Dig !!!; We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery; plus Glasvegas, Wedding Present, The Duke Spirit, Madness.

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