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I'm walking here....

I saw a chap parking his breakfast in a hedge bottom.

It was sometime last year on the approach to Lady Bay Bridge in the line of greenery to the left. There he was, squatting down, in clear view of the city bound commuter traffic rolling by.

You can get caught short anywhere -- I know someone who ended up adapting his Calvins as bog paper when he was bowel-ly challenged on a jog around Clumber Park -- but West Bridgford is hardly a wilderness.

On my regular walks in to work each morning I'll often clock one-handed drivers risking the cameras by blathering on their mobiles -- including a Forest player in his monster Bentley along London Road -- plus builders/roofers taking a breather to clock anything in a skirt and even Del Trotter's yellow three wheeler. Or a version of it: "Totters Independent Traders: London, Paris, Peckham, Nottingham."

I'm not the only one leaving the car at home...

Sulky Girl 1 -- saggy cheeks that seem incapable of breaking in to a smirk ne'er mind a smile.

Uncle Monty -- from Withnail & I, cus he looks like him. A big cheery looking chap clearly trying to get the weight off.

Brown Leather Jacket -- come rain or otherwise this chubby cheeked yoof is never without his tan covering. Often smiles to himself.

Sulky Girl 2 - a slim, dark-haired 20something sporting an expression that indicates she's just had excrement thrown her way. Back to the brown stuff...

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