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Backstage at Splendour: Saint Raymond

July 2014

AFTER a host of Nottingham artists last year, the sole representative on the Main Stage at this year's Splendour was Saint Raymond, aka Bramcote 19-year-old Callum Burrows, who spoke to us before his set...

Two years ago you made your Splendour debut on the Courtyard Stage, then the second stage last year and now the Main Stage...
Yeah, it’s a bit crazy. It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that I was playing the Courtyard Stage. It’s flown by. Last year was the first gig with the live band. We had our first rehearsal the night before but it went really great. I’ve been touring with them ever since so it’s nice to come back. I wasn’t signed at that point. I signed a month later.

 Going from stage to stage is following the same trajectory as Jake Bugg, who continues to go from strength to strength...
Yeah, as a Nottingham artist, it’s inspiring seeing a local lad doing so well. Definitely.

Which song tends to get the crowd going?
In Nottingham it’s Bonfires. We do a bit of an outro and have a bit of dance about to that.

You started the first of a string of dates opening for Ed Sheeran this week. How was that?
That was in Vienna and there were 3,000 people. We were blown away by the noise they made. Ed Sheeran is the biggest sweetheart in the world. He took time out to come to the dressing room and hang out. That was a one-off until the tour in October. I’m off to Majorca and Ibiza next week, then the tour with Ed starts in October.

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