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Backstage at Splendour: Foxes

July 2014

AFTER her main stage set, Louisa Allen aka Foxes, spoke about the downpour that greeted her and the amazing Nottingham crowd...

How was that?
I will never forget that crowd, ever. They were really amazing.

 The weather didn’t spoilt it then?
It was really strange because the weather went a bit bi-polar. The rain was literally pouring from the stage into the audience. It was bucketing down.
But that was such a great crowd. They were incredible. It was quite mystical. You know when the stars just align and something just happens? Something happened. And it felt really magical. I always think the weather gets weird when there’s energy in the air. It was really nice.

What’s next?
We’ve got another show in Sheffield tonight. This is just the busiest summer of my life. It’s good though, it beats working for a living. I’m going on tour with Pharrell for five weeks quite soon. That will be amazing. We’re doing a European tour. I love him so I’m really excited about that. And I have lots of other UK festivals to do.

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