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April 2014

SINGING for the Queen, appearances on BBC TV, regular plays on Radio 1, Glastonbury... and now Indiana’s had a pizza named after her.
“We were on holiday in France snowboarding and I had a pizza that I haven’t been able to shut up about,” says the 26-year-old, whose boyfriend recently opened a new pizza bar in Hockley.
“He said ‘We’ll make it and call it the Indiana.’”
It’s goat’s cheese, walnuts and honey, which sounds disgusting.
“No, It’s really good!” insists the rising music star who’ll be playing the Rescue Rooms tonight.
Entrepreneur boyfriend James - Long Eaton’s Alan Sugar - opened Suede Bar in Heathcoat Street last month but he’s also heavily involved in Indiana’s career. He was the one who encouraged her to enter the Future Sound of Nottingham competition, which saw her play her debut show in the Old Market Square two years ago.
Since then she’s signed to Sony, had regular support from Radio 1, played Glastonbury and performed for the Queen with The Script.
Of late she’s been on tour with Bipolar Sunshine.
“It was great,” she says.
“There was loads of tour banter. I had my own tour van, which was useful when the venue didn’t have a dressing room.”

She shared the van with three band members, her tour manager and sound engineer.
It was an eight date jaunt around the UK.
“It was really hard,” she says of being away from her seven-month-old daughter, Etta, and five-year-old son Harvey.
“He loves that I have an interesting job but he misses me. Although he won’t miss me too much when we have a massive mansion with horses,” she laughs.
Indiana’s new single, Solo Dancing, released on April 20, has been B-listed on Radio 1.
“Every time it’s played it jumps up on the iTunes chart,” she says.
“It made it into the Top 100, which is really good for pre-orders. Most people buy singles when they’ve been released.”
Those turning out to see Bipolar Sunshine seemed to know the song.
“I had to win over the crowd every night. At the start they were all chatting and thinking ‘who is this girl?’ but by the end... especially when I played Solo Dancing, there’d be cheers; they were probably thinking ‘oh it’s that girl!’
Since the tour finished last weekend she’s been rehearsing for tonight’s home city gig.
“Next week I’ll be back in the studio working on the album and I’ll be doing a session for Radio 1.”
The album she’ll have to finish by the end of the month.
“It’s been hard deciphering which songs will go on it because I’ve got so many now.”
And the new material?
“A little bit more of the same and... I don’t want to say up-beat. You could perhaps move around to a couple of them.”
Surprisingly, she won’t be putting her first few singles on the album, such as Mess Around and Smoking Gun.
“If people have already bought them, then by putting all new material on the album means they get better value for money.”

The album is due to be released between July and September, after a string of major summer festival appearances that will be revealed next week.
As a mum of two in her mid-twenties, what was her reaction to the sudden death of Peaches Geldof?
“It broke my heart”, she says.
“I was never a fan and I thought she was quite annoying when she was younger but it seemed like having children was the making of her.
“She looked like she had a good life and on her Instagram photos she looked really happy.
“It breaks my heart that her two beautiful sons don’t have a mum.”
She adds: “It haunted me a little bit. Maybe because I had a baby recently.”

Indiana plays the Rescue Rooms tonight supported by April Towers. 7.30pm to 10pm. £10, There will be an after party at Suede Bar which, says Indiana: “Everyone’s invited to.”

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