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Saint Raymond

March 28 2014

ANY birthday for a teenager is usually a big occasion but when Callum Burrows turns 19 on Sunday he’ll be taking it easy.
“It’s going to be a bit of an anti-climax because I’ve got a show in Southampton that night,” says Bramcote’s rising music star, better known as Saint Raymond.
“The party will probably happen tonight because I’ve got a day off tomorrow.”
Is he worried about turning 19?
“It’s game over, isn’t it!?,” he jokes.
“I’ve got until Sunday to enjoy it while I can.”
Tonight is a sold-out gig at the Rescue Rooms, one of the last few dates on his current headline UK tour. It finishes in Norwich on Monday.
“I’m quite looking forward to getting home and chilling out for two days before getting back on it,” he adds.
That means more writing, a couple of shows in Ireland, then back to the US.
“I didn’t really have any expectations for this tour but it’s been really good. Sometimes you worry that no-one’s going to turn up but every show’s been really busy.
“We’ve been building towards Nottingham really. I’m really excited about that. I don’t want to wish the tour away but I’m so excited about the Nottingham show. And that it’s sold out is kind of crazy. I’ve wanted to play there for so long.”
Next stop, Rock City?
“That’s the dream,” says Callum, who believes he’s played every venue in Nottingham.
The current tour has meant him swapping the comfort of his bed at his parents’ home for a bunk on a tour bus.
“I don’t mind it,” he says.
“There are seven of us on the bus and we play football, Xbox, watch films and a lot of nothing... just chilling out before the show.
“All of us get a bit rowdy. We put music on at stupid o’clock but you can take yourself to bed whenever you want. You’ve got your own space.”
He adds: “After the gig we’ll travel to the next city at around midnight and wake up in the car park of the venue.”
As well as London band The Mispers, who have been supporting him on the UK tour - “and showing me how to party” - Saint Raymond will be joined by Nottingham’s Amber Run at the gig tonight, a last minute addition.
The quintet played their own headline show at Nottingham Contemporary on Wednesday (see review right).
Says Callum: “Me and Joe (Keough, singer) had a drunken chat and said ‘let’s do it’. I really like those boys.”
When Jake Bugg, the one for Callum and others to chase, played his sell-out gig at the Capital FM Arena last month, Callum couldn’t make it because he was back in Los Angeles.
“We’re just starting to piece the album together really,” he says of his debut, which he hopes will be released after the summer festival season is over.
“The songs are there, I’ve just got to get them done but it’s coming together nicely.”
The hold up is finding the right producer.
“When that’s all sorted we can get cracking,” says the Notts County fan, who had his first session for Radio 2 this week.
Is he fussy?
“Well I struggle to decide what socks to wear in the morning, put it that way,” he admits.

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