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January 2012

My Nottingham

I LIVE in “Costa-del-Carrington” these days. I moved here quite recently after an 11-year romance with Sneinton.
I was born in Sherwood, although I can’t remember this myself – I take my mum’s word for it.
On Friday nights I might allow myself a trip into town to Broadway Cinema or for some tea at Lee Rosy’s, then maybe a gig or some comedy.
Tea is the drink of the Gods and although I’ve never bumped into any in Lee Rosy’s, it’s still a great place to hang out, listen to some good music and knock back some cake.
Broadway always has nice vibes too and I like to run across the road between the two places all night in a state of mild confusion.
I recently sang with Swimming at the Broadway for a headphones-only gig which was pretty special.
We performed in a secret room while everybody watched on a screen in the Café/Bar and listened through headphones.
For clothes shopping in Nottingham I go to Cow and Vintage Warehouse where I buy vintage sportswear. My style is pretty much 1983 PE kit.
Mimm, on Broad Street, sells the best non-vintage stuff, and Colwick car boot is also a favourite. You can usually spot a few blurry-eyed musicians wandering around on a quest for the Moog holy grail (rumour has it somebody found an old Moog synthesiser there for £20). I’ve never found a Moog but a few nice Casios.
Friday night is also good for dancing and the best place to do this, of course, is on the steps of the Council House completely alone. What? Just me then?
There are loads of great nights on in Nottingham – highlights for me last year were Wigflex at Stealth, where I caught Kode 9 and Floating Points, and Soundhism at The Bodega for Alex Nut and Fatima – not forgetting the P-Brothers night at Spanky’s, where they played disco, 80s groove and old school hip-hop treats.
When I get a takeaway it’s a lunchtime curry from the Indian Community Centre on Hucknall Road.
I’m trying to cut back to only going there five days a week. I sometimes go in disguise as it’s starting to get a little embarrassing.
I do go to the gym or for a run most days. Normally I go running in the park where I like to bark at dogs and wink at old men.
I listen to The Beat on BBC Radio Nottingham with Dean Jackson. Dean’s always played loads of Nottingham music and it’s always a joy to be on his show.
I started DJing at house parties when I was about 18 and have been playing spots around Notts and the UK since.
I play a mix of old and new and like to mix things up so I’ll play house, disco, boogie, electro-soul, Italo, hip-hop... all sorts.
Nottingham clubbers are the best – we are resistant and will dance through anything. You can drop in The Smiths and we will carry on with hands to the ceiling.
My favourite place to go in Nottinghamshire is Go Ape in Sherwood Forest, which is like doing the Krypton Factor up in the trees.
I’m also a big fan of libraries and can be found hiding my CDs in the self-help section on Angel Row.
Boating on the university lake is a lovely day out in summer and I will happily sit back eating strawberries and flirting with the ducks while you do the rowing.

Ronika’s next Nottingham show is at The Bodega in Pelham Street on March 23.
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