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Sally Morgan - 'star psychic'

SHE is psychic to the stars. George Michael, Robert De Niro, Bob Geldof, Uma Thurman, Diana, Princess of Wales... that barmaid off Corrie. And plenty more besides who she won't reveal because it's none of your business, actually.
They've all turned to Sally Morgan over the past 20 years for a word from the other side.
Not that she's not showing off.
"I have more fascinating readings with Joe Bloggs down the road," says Sally Morgan.
Well, maybe a little showing off...
"I've just been in Hollywood to do a screen test," she continues. "I'm doing a programme over there. And one of the biggest stars... I won't tell you her name because you'll use it in your paper even though you'll tell me you won't..."
I will.
"... but a very A-list celebrity wanted to see me and I didn't have time to see her. She was begging me. And she went ballistic.
"One of the reasons I didn't want to see her was because she wanted me to sign a confidentiality clause and I said to her 'now just a minute, no one will get from me that I've seen you but I can guarantee it will come out from someone. Call me psychic. So I want you to sign a confidentiality clause for me.'
"And she went absolutely mental. So I said 'this isn't going to work.'"
Busy she is. So much so that she's put a stop to one-to-one readings unless it's for a TV show or her tour.
"I don't have the time," says the former nurse.
After this tour Morgan is to shoot a TV show in Australia, then a third series for ITV 2 before returning to the road, until spring 2009.
"I don't know if I'd have ever gone on the road if it hadn't been for the television series," she says.
So far, two series of Sally Morgan: Star Psychic have been screened. "When the first series went out last year we had something like 125,000 e-mails in 24 hours. After the second series it was 245,000 e-mails in seven hours. I've had millions since and my life has completely changed. I've been practising from my home for the past 20 years but after all that happened I can no longer have people in my home.
"I haven't the time. And some of them were taking photographs of the house and even pictures of my grandchildren."
The bubbly medium will be at the Royal Concert Hall next week on her first UK tour. The show will not be the usual mass reading that Colin Fry, Derek Acorah and co. favour.
"With all due respect to all the mediums who work on the circuit..."
But you're all rubbish.
"No. Not at all. What I'm saying is... I've sat in the audience and there's a thousand people who all want a message. And in the second half of the show they're fidgeting and becoming bored. And I didn't want that."
So what has she done?
"It's a show. It's so me, Simon."
You're not singing and dancing are you?
"(Sings) Hurray for Hollywood... No. It's based on the television series. That's why people are coming to see me because of the TV series. They don't just want little old Sal standing on stage saying 'I've got your grandmother here'. Which is lovely but they don't want that.
"The show tells the story about my life. It involves a lot of I.T. And I interact with the audience a lot."
Morgan says she recalls "feeling odd" about herself aged nine months but didn't recognise what it was until she was 12.
Just as I mention Diana her voice is replaced with interference.
There's crackling.... I can just make out what could be a voice but it's so distorted.
20 seconds pass...
There's a soft whine like a distant tuning fork...
She's back.
Did you go over to the other side?
"This can happen, don't laugh."
I laugh.
"Lights blow and everything goes... it can happen."
I was starting to ask about Diana. People always want to know about her and the stars she's 'read'.
So do I. Was Diana murdered then or what?
"I.... I don't know... I don't believe that the answer to... and I want to say their death... I think it will be 200 years before we get the answer to that."
You've not spoken to her then?
"Well I've no need to speak to her. She wasn't a friend of mine. I was her psychic for four years but she's a member of the Royal Family and to be very honest - and this may upset some people - you're not their friends. So she was never my friend.
"She was friendly to me but we weren't chums or buddies."
But naturally (that's clearly the wrong word) she'd try and communicate through you, wouldn't she?
"Why? I don't see why. I only communicate with people who have passed with the sitter.
"So, if I saw one of her family I would absolutely get to her. I know that for a fact."
Memo to Mohamed al-Fayed...

Sally Morgan will be at the Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday May 20. Tickets are £14.50 and £16.50 from the venue, by calling 0115 989 5555 or from .


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