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Katherine Jenkins: "Fit" apparently.

MONDAY: Miss a Lou Reed interview slot on Friday night cus the email arrived after I'd left for the heated trudge home. For the same reason I miss a note that 'yes' despite Jimmy Carr's tour promoter Phil Macintyre once again denying any press seats for his tour, the venue had, rather kindly, wangled a 'house' seat for me. So I missed it - and the furore over the sound problems. 200 walk out in disgust and for a refund. The comments on the Post website were up to standard again: " That's really strange. People normally walk out of his concerts because they can hear him" wrote Derek Chummie, Nottingham.
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TUESDAY: Get the answers back from the Journey South Q&A. Question 1: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?. Andy Pemberton's answer: "Turn over for a nice hug. It’s illegal to get up without a cuddle first." Now the deaf can hate 'em.
Impressive comments from Post readers at the announcement of a new date by Welsh popera shape Katherine Jenkins: "i tell you what katherine jenkins is so damn hot" says andy, notts. "God she's fit!" agress JB, Nottingham. "Funny that my partners name is Andy and thinks the same thing! Damn you Katherine Jenkins...:)" whines AB, Nottingham. There's more...

WEDNESDAY: Offered a Chuck D chat tonight but I'm off to review Dara O'Briain. . Damn shame. Public Enemy's It Takes A Nation Of Millions... was my first hip-hop album. Fortunately Mike thinks it a must and takes over. He was at the seminal 1989 Rock City show anyway.

THURSDAY: Lou Reed, 9pm, calling from the US. No he doesn't. Bit of a relief - he's hardly a reputation for wit and warmth. He recently married Laurie 'Oh Superman' Anderson. Dinner parties must be a blast...

FRIDAY: Glad Mike took the Liza Minnelli interview judging by the trouble he had getting more than a morsel of chat off the diva's brain trolley.

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