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Indiana makes Top 20 with debut album

February 2015

She knew it; Indiana predicted that her debut album, No Romeo, would be number 17 when the chart was announced. “I was in the shower, the glass was all steamed up and I said to myself ‘write the number you think you’re going to be in the glass and you will be that number,’”says the singer-songwriter who released the album just a week ago.

“And I wrote 17. I wish that, if it was some sort of witching power, that I’d written number one,” she laughs.

The 27-year-old mum of two celebrated at home in Long Eaton by drinking tea and eating chocolate. Last night she was at the cinema with her boyfriend while mum babysat.

“I’m really pleased to have a Top 20 album, it’s what I was hoping for,” she says.

The news came at the end of a busy and anxious week for Indiana, real name Lauren Henson.

“I’ve found it really difficult to sleep,” she admits.

The album was launched in London, followed by a singing and signing session at Nottingham’s Rough Trade in Broad Street, radio and TV interviews and using her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to promote the album.

“I’ve been busy on social media more than I have ever,” says Indiana, whose music is dark, electronic pop.

“I think people are sick of seeing my face because I posted so many selfies,” she laughs.

The success, the first for a Nottingham artist in the album chart since Jake Bugg’s Shangri La reached number three two years ago, comes just three years after her very first gig in the Old Market Square.

That was part of the Future Sound of Nottingham competition organised by local music champions Nusic.

“I’ve had a lot of support since then and I want to thank Nottingham for helping me, especially Mark Del from Nusic, who has really been campaigning hard for me. I’m really grateful.”

She’s now planning her next single, which will be album track Blind As I Am.

“The photographer Rankin wants to shoot the video for it and I’m excited about that,” she says, adding: “I want people to keep discovering the album. I want it to be known as a classic over time. I think it deserves to be higher than number 17 but I’m a new artist and my music hasn’t been heard on many platforms yet. I’d like to be played on Radio 2 and commercial radio. Maybe with the release of Blind As I Am, which is a ballad, that will happen.

“I definitely want more. I want No Romeo to be heard by more people, in other countries and it to take me around the world.

“And now it’s a Top 20 album, doors will open; there’s a lot to look forward.”

The number one album was a new entry by Bob Dylan, his 36th release called Shadows In The Night.

Others in the Top 20 included Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Mark Ronson and Meghan Trainor.

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