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Matt Goss

January 2015

Matt Goss returned to Nottingham for the first time in 27 years with a show that was markedly different from his days with boy band phenomenon Bros.
The 46-year-old brought his Las Vegas show The Gossy Room to the Alea Casino last night, a sold out concert in front of just 100 people.
“Bros first broke in this neck of the woods so it’s good to be back up here; I don’t get up here often,” he told the Post.
It was an intimate setting for a man who played to 80,000 at Wembley Stadium in 1989, a year after Bros came to the Royal Concert Hall.
“It’s probably the smallest show of my career,” said Goss, who has been playing Ceasars Palace in Vegas every weekend for the past six years, described by the LA Times as “the best new act in Vegas.”
“Every room matters, I learned that from Caesars. No matter where I am I still perform to my best, so every person knows I’m not dialling it in,” he said, meaning ‘going through the motions’.
“I still sing from the deepest part of my heart.”
With a nine-piece band, including a horn section and backing singers, Goss ran through a 90-minute set of big band, swing and lounge jazz, made famous by the Rat Pack in Vegas during the Sixties. It included songs from his solo album, Life You Imagine.
Fans had paid £75, although that included a three-course meal and a chance to meet him.
Earlier this week Goss, who described himself as “essentially a soul singer”, sold out the 2,200 capacity London Palladium.
“My granddad loved Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr,” said the Londoner of his shift from pop to crooning.
“When I was in Bros, I was lucky enough to know Liza Minnelli and she invited me to the Royal Albert Hall when Sinatra played there with Sammy. I met them briefly. It was amazing.”
That memory stuck with him throughout the break-up of Bros in 1992 and his solo pop/dance career in the mid-Nineties, which included the hits If You Were Here Tonight, The Key and I'm Coming With Ya.
The Vegas shows is planned to run to its tenth year.
“Caesars is my second home,” he said, although his first is in Los Angeles, where he lives alone.
“I’d love to met someone and have a family and share my life with someone. I just have to meet the right woman,” he revealed.
Goss keeps in shape by boxing.
“I’ve spar three times a week and have done for the past 14 years,” he said.
“And I drink tons of water. I meditate as well.”
He’s not in touch with twin brother Luke. When asked what he’s up to he said: “I’ve no idea.”
But added: “I know he makes movies. He does very well as an actor.”
His sibling had roles in Blade II, Hellboy II and Tekken, as well as stage musicals. He was at the Theatre Royal in Grease in 1998.
The often forgotten third member of Bros, who sold 17 million records including the singles I Owe You Nothing, When Will I Be Famous? and Drop The Boy, is Craig Logan.
“Craig’s a very successful music manager, so there is absolutely life after Bros.”
Although being tagged as ‘Matt Goss from Bros’ annoys him.
“I’ve been at Caesars Palace way longer than I was in Bros. I’ve very proud of those days, they are some of the best memories of life but it was just part of my career.
“It amazes me to read: Matt Goss from Bros. It’s such a lazy headline. People know who I am. You don’t have to constantly premise it.”
Along with the Vegas show, he is working on two new albums, one with Gloria Estefan’s husband Emilio, and a Christmas album.
He recently launched a free smartphone app, may be doing a film and will publish a children’s book in time for Christmas.
“There are rumblings of me playing Wembley,” he added.
“For me to go back there would truly be a dream. Especially as it was the last show that we did as Bros. That was a great way to go out.”

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