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December 2014

After being handpicked by James Blunt to support him at the Capital FM Arena last month, Nottingham’s Lacey are back in action with a show at Rock City this weekend. Bassist Graham Turner explains how it was playing the city’s biggest venue

THE whole day was surreal, from the moment we arrived and began unloading our gear behind the stage.

When James Blunt was soundchecking we had a little peak behind the curtain and saw the empty arena, thinking that it would be filled with 7,000 people later.

They really looked after us. At the soundcheck that we did they made sure were sounding spot-on.

He introduced himself to us, which he didn’t have to do. And he was thanking us for playing. He was an absolute gentleman.

He was given the opportunity when he was starting out (by Elton John), so he’s been there. And I guess he’s just trying to give a bit back, to the up-and-coming guys like us.

There were waters, beers and snacks in the dressing room but... and this shows how ignorant I was about the whole thing... I walked into the green room where there was a cold buffet set out. I sat down with some of that and then a waitress came to my table and asked what I’d like to order! I ordered the beef stroganoff, obviously. People were opening doors for us... it was crazy.

Half an hour before we went on we were really focused. All the banter stopped and we got our professional heads on. This was our biggest show, the biggest night of our lives.

It went as well as we had hoped. There were no hiccups. What surprised us most was the reaction of the crowd. They were really responsive and really involved. They were clapping along, they were cheering.

You can’t really see anyone, apart from the first couple of rows but you could hear them. After you finished a song the noise of the cheers was crazy.

Straight after the set he came up to us and gave us a few compliments. We didn’t know he was watching because we couldn’t see him.

And the guy was flawless for two hours during his show. I’ve not seen anything like it. He’s an incredible musician. He was smaller than I thought but that shows how he carries himself on stage. And yes he’s very posh but I’m not going to hold that against him.

We had a bit of spike on social media after the show, in terms of Twitter followers and Facebook likes. And people were leaving positive comments about the set.

We did 30 minutes at the arena but we’ll be doing an hour at Rock City and showcasing a lot of material from the album. That’s ready to go and we’ll be releasing it early next year.

Lacey play Rock City on Saturday, December 20 with Layby and Cut the Heroics from 7pm to 10pm. Tickets are £6 from 0845 413 4444 or go to For more about Lacey find them on Twitter and Facebook: Lacey OfficialUK. 

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