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Amber Run

October 2014

THERE are a number of unsigned bands and musicians from over the county line who claim to be part of the Nottingham music scene due it’s healthy state.

Amber Run aren’t one of them. Although four of them are school friends from Buckinghamshire, they formed as a band at the University of Nottingham.

Joe Keogh (vocals, guitar), Will Jones (guitar), Tom Sperring (bass) and Felix Archer (drums) met Henry Wyeth (keyboards) in Nottingham (“he was Tom’s next door neighbour”), forming Amber (later renamed Amber Run) two years ago.

They quit before finishing their degree courses to pursue the rock ‘n’ roll dream and it’s been paying off; they have just released a third EP for RCA Victor, played Reading and Leeds festivals, enjoyed national radio support and had a strong press reaction: “Their vast sound has Coldplay stadium ambitions” (Independent); “Epic tunes that sound destined for arenas” (Daily Star); and “Incredibly effective” (The Sun).

One would expect the local music scene to embrace them.

“Sometimes we get a bit of stick for saying we’re from Nottingham,” says singer, guitarist and chief songwriter Joe Keogh.

“I’m not really sure why that happens. Maybe it’s just me being hypersensitive about it.”

He adds: “The Nottingham music scene is the reason we exist as band. Regardless of where we were all born we love the scene and I will do everything I can to champion it as long as I’m making music.”

The quintet are currently on the road with top 40 singer songwriter Lewis Watson, playing 500 capacity venues around the UK.

“They are all around that size but we played Shepherds Bush Empire, which is around 1,500. It was mad, very tasty, I had a really good time.

“Lewis is an absolute gem, which is a good job because we’re sharing a tour bus with him.”

The tour comes to the Rescue Rooms tomorrow, and they’ll be doing just 30 minutes. But they will return on November 9 on the New Faces Tour, playing the Bodega.

Says Joe: “I like being on the road. I hate sitting around doing nothing. I want to play as many shows as possible.”

Who would be an ideal tour to go on?

“I’d love to be on the Bombay (Bicycle Club) tour. I’d love to hang out with the Catfish (& The Bottlemen) guys. I’ve met them a few times and they’re a laugh. I’m dead pleased for them for the Top 10 album.

“And love to go on tour with Callum (Burrows, aka Nottingham’s Saint Raymond) as well. We’ve done one off gigs but never an extended run of shows.

“It’s just that diaries haven’t synched or whatever. It’s definitely been discussed. He’s off on tour with Ed Sheeran for the next three months and we’re pretty busy so, hopefully next year.”

Saint Raymond and Amber Run’s careers have been running in tandem, pretty much with a few EP releases each. But who will be the first to get their debut album out?

“I think it’ll be Callum. Both our albums are done and we’ve signed them off. Now it’s deciding the best time to get them out.

“With the Ed Sheeran tour, Callum is getting loads of exposure so it’s a really good time to push his album out.”

He adds: “But I’m really happy with the way things are moving for us. Although I must admit, I’ve enough material for a second album already.”

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