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The Swiines

February 2014

THE band opening for Jake Bugg at the Capital FM Arena tonight admit they’re more than a little nervous about facing 9.000 people in their home city.
“Every time I think about it my stomach’s going,” says The Swiines guitarist Scott Bugg, Jake’s 29-year-old cousin.
“The lads have been texting each other all morning. One of them is a mechanic and he’s serviced the wrong car. No-one can concentrate.”
Scott asked Jake if they could open for him at his biggest indoor gig to date, “as a bit of cheek” says Scott.
“I didn’t think he’d let us do it. He could have any band he wants. He said yes but I didn’t believe him. When he came round at Christmas he said ‘are you still up for the arena then?’ I thought, hang on, let me just change my pants.”
That he’s got his cousin’s band opening for him will no doubt attract accusations of nepotism.
“But he’s not going to have a substandard act on first when people have paid good money to see him,” argues Scott.
“He wouldn’t want us to embarrass him.”
The Swiines have been together for around eight years and a pre-fame Jake was an occasional member.
“He was always coming to gigs and in the studio and when we were doing interviews,” says Scott, who is an engineer by trade.
“When we lost our first bass player, Jake stepped in. He was only 14 but he was good. And when I broke my hand he played guitar for a few gigs.”
He jokes: “I’d say I’m about 99 per cent responsible for his success.”
He adds: “I’m just so proud of him. He deserves everything he’s got.”
That success inspired Scott and the rest of The Swiines to make more effort with the band, whose biggest crowd to date was around 2,000 people when they supported The Subways at Rock City.
Although have been on stage at the Capital FM Arena before in a battle of the bands competition..
“It has given us a kick up the backside,” he admits.
“That little rat has come along and done amazingly well.”
Scott is allowed to call him such names; he’s his cousin and best mate.
Every time Jake is back in Nottingham he heads straight to Scott’s house in Clifton for a few beers.
“Well, it’s where the party’s at,” he laughs.
“He comes round, we have a jam in the kitchen and have a few beers.”
As well as the Capital FM Arena tonight, their own headline show at the Rescue Rooms on Saturday and a support slot with Circa Waves at The Bodega on Sunday, next month they’ll support Reverend and the Makers at Rock City and then join The Rifles on their UK tour.
“I don’t want to say it’s all down to Jake” Scott says.
“We’ve been down London every week and getting a following.”
They played the Queen of Hoxton in London a couple of weeks ago and Jake was there to watch.
“We had to double security and get a room for him. I thought ‘hang on, it’s our gig not yours’” he laughs.
“I’m glad he came. It was a good gig, the vibe was there. He knows we’re up to it.
“Besides he’s got no choice but to keep us on the bill; I’d just tell our grandma and she’d slap him.”

He adds: “Jake has chucked us a massive bone and we are going to go for it. Now is the time to get two Buggs out there. I’m sure there’s room.”

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