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Saint Raymond in LA

November 2013

I was in Los Angeles for two weeks.
I went in to different studios to work with a few producers and musicians and recorded about eight songs in total.
But it wasn’t to get an album finished; the idea was to write with a few different people.
It was a good experience.
One studio was bigger than my house. OK, my mum’s house. Another I worked in was where Michael Jackson recorded Bad and Off The Wall.
LA does live up to its reputation but it’s a good place. Everyone’s always positive and energetic.
I had a couple of days off to do the tourist stuff, like the Hollywood sign and all that. It’s weird because you see it and think you can go right up to it but you end up walking up a hill for ages and then the road just stops. But it was still good.
I did Venice Beach and Santa Monica beach. I was staying on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood so I wasn’t far from anything.
When you see people in London doing the tourist thing you think “oh what idiots.” But there I was with my camera, taking pictures of everything. I was that idiot tourist.
It was hot, so much so that I forgot what cold really was. When it was 20 degrees out there I was wearing a hoody. I soon remembered what cold is when I got back home.
But it was nice to see some sun.
While I was over there Zane Lowe on Radio 1 had my track Young Blood as one of his Hottest Tracks Of The Week and we did a quick phone interview when it was like 10am.
The next day it was played on Sara Cox’s Radio 1 show. It’s nice that even when you’re away from home, it’s kicking off.
I’m now supporting Haim around the UK, after opening for them across Europe. It’s been amazing. Their album beat Justin Timberlake’s to No. 1 so they are hot property.
Around the UK I do get asked about Jake Bugg, or he gets mentioned in interviews because of the Nottingham connection. And that’s nice because there’s a real vibe about Nottingham now. I think it’s really making a mark. When I was growing up you’d hear about scenes in Manchester and Sheffield. Nottingham is becoming one of those cities.
It feels good to be part of something.

Saint Raymond’s Young Blood EP is available to pre-order now. It will be released on January 5. His first major headline tour comes to the Rescue Rooms on Friday, March 28. Tickets are £8 from Rock City box office, call 0845 413 4444 or go to

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