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Jake Bugg: Slumville Sunrise video

October 2013

THE video for Jake Bugg’s next single sees the 19-year-old acting for the first time – and dressed in a shocking tracksuit.
Directed by Bafta winner Shane Meadows, Slumville Sunrise follows the Clifton chart-topper as he is chased through the city after stealing a ring from a jeweller.
The Benny Hill-style pursuit through St Ann’s, Sneinton Market, Holme Pierrepont and other locations ends with him reaching home, where his pregnant girlfriend, played by This Is England and Life’s Too Short actress Rosamund Hanson, is waiting.
Another Nottingham actor in the video is Andrew Shim, who appeared in Meadows’ This Is England and A Room For Romeo Brass.
He joins the chase dressed as Elvis, along with the shop owner, police, a traffic warden, a “granny” and others.
Much of it is shot intentionally clumsily with everyone running on the spot; the action is superimposed on to a backdrop of Nottingham locations.
Meadows said: “I had a great laugh making it. It was the best craic I’ve had in ages.”
The Nottingham-based director, whose documentary about the Stone Roses, Made of Stone, was released on DVD this week, has only made two music videos before, both for Richard Hawley.
“It was nice to do one again,” he said.
“It was an honour to do it for Jake – I owed him big-time for playing at my 40th last year.”
Of the tracksuit Bugg wears in the video, Meadows told the NME: “We wanted to pick the most awful tracksuit we could find – something he just wouldn’t want to wear.”
He described the video as “like a short film” as it is book-ended with two scenes that show Bugg acting for the first time with dialogue.
At the beginning, the musician, dressed in the blue-and-white tracksuit, which M , is seen browsing engagement rings at a jewellery shop in Pelham Street.
He fires a party popper into the face of the shop assistant and runs out with a £20,000 ring, just as the music begins.

He’s seen running through Hockley, Alfreton Road and Talbot Street car park, then in a boat with Meadows at the National Watersports Centre, at Holme Pierrepont.
The closing scene lasts two minutes and is an exchange between Bugg and Hanson.
“I want to have a family,” he tells her.
“Me, you and the baby.”
But as he hands her the ring she says “that’s stolen” and then complains that he doesn’t have the box.
He takes it back and says he’ll “sell it on eBay”.
Bugg acted briefly for the video for his single Two Fingers, alongside Wollaton’s Bafta winner Vicky McClure, but without dialogue.
Slumville Sunrise is taken from his second album Shangri La, due to be released on November 18.
Yesterday, he won Best New Act at the Q Awards.
Next week, he will find out if he wins the 2013 Mercury Music Prize, although he has said: “That’s not why I make music, to get awards. It’s great to be nominated, but the Mercurys don’t mean a whole lot to me.”
His self-titled debut album, which topped the chart last October, is up against the likes of David Bowie, Disclosure and Arctic Monkeys for the award. He is 33/1 in the bookies’ odds, with Disclosure as favourites.
The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, October 30.
He is on a UK tour that will include a “secret” show in Nottingham.

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