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'Curly Watts'

March 2013

I’VE been in the West End with We Will Rock You since 2010 but I’ll be joining the arena tour when it comes to the UK, starting in Nottingham.
Then I go back to the West End and I’ll be there until October.
The show will be pretty much the same as in the West End, except bigger. Queen were an arena band and you can’t get any bigger than Freddie. He was a larger than life character.
We have a massive set and it’s a great story, so this show really lends itself to an arena.
I’m looking forward to doing it. The northern audiences know how to have a good time. And I’ve always found the Nottingham audiences a joy. I did two shows at the Theatre Royal there: No Sex Please We’re British back in 1984 and I did panto about 2004 with (Nottingham’s Coronation Street star) Chris Gascoyne.
I loved it. It’s a lovely place. I was based in The Park and very nice it was too.
It was just working so I didn’t really go out anywhere or see the city. I went to see (Manchester) City at Forest a couple of times. The first time it was a draw. The second time City won. I remember that because when you go to City games it’s imprinted on your memory for one reason or another.
I was originally the bass player with The Smiths but drama and acting has always been my particular thing. It was fine being involved with Johnny (Marr) and that lot but really I wanted to be an actor.
I was playing bass, then Andy (Rourke) turned up and I swapped to rhythm guitar, then something else happened and I went ‘oh I don’t want to do this any more’. Which you do when you’re 14. So I went off and became an actor.
This was way before Morrissey’s time. We were called The Paris Valentinos. Yes, the name was Johnny Marr’s idea.
I’ve always had a great love of music. Music has always been a sort of second fiddle, if you’ll excuse the pun.
I’ve played many places across the world, I’ve got a Gold album, I was signed by Simon Cowell... and all the rest of it. So to be able to put together my love of music with my love of acting has been the perfect marriage. I couldn’t be happier.
This is my fourth musical and it’s good fun. I did this show in Dublin at the O2. And when you get to 50 years of age and you’re rocking out with Brian May playing guitar less than ten feet from you and there are women screaming in the audience – and it’s legal – what’s not to like?
Brian May is a lovely, lovely guy. He’s the most unlikely rock star. You can’t imagine him chucking a telly out of a hotel window.
I never saw Queen. I wasn’t a fan. Since I’ve been in the show I’ve come to appreciate how prolific they were and the quality of the music. I was more into Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher and stuff like that.
So, I’m in this show until October when my contract is up. I could carry on but you never know. That’s the beauty of being an actor; you never know what’s around the corner.
I’ve got a great relationship with Coronation Street and I always have. And I’m very happy that people still know me as Curly Watts because that’s a body of work I’m very proud of. It was 20 years and that it’s remembered so positively is a bonus.
It’s no secret that I’d like to go back and do some more.

We Will Rock You runs at the Capital FM Arena from March 27-30. Tickets are £19.50-£42.50 from the box office, call 0843 373 3000 or go to For more about the show visit

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