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Georgie Rose How

February 2013

WHEN I was little I used to take a harmonica around with me everywhere. I don’t know why. My great-grandad played harmonica at the local pub in Mansfield but it wasn’t his. My mum bought it for me when we went on holiday to Wales.
When she was young she used to fold paper over a comb and make that sound like a harmonica. Maybe, subliminally, it’s why she bought me one.
My parents aren’t musical. My dad works in the pharmaceutical industry. My mum is my roadie. She takes me to all my gigs.
She remembers that my grandma used to sing Patsy Cline and Ella Fitzgerald but not professionally.
I used to sing in the back of the car and my mum said I had a nice voice but I was really into sport more than music – mainly tennis and football. I scored 126 goals in a season once.
My uncle was a professional footballer. I know he had a trial at Man City but he got injured and went to America to play. There’s a photo of him with George Best when he played against him over there.
When I was 16 I started playing the electric guitar, playing along to Pete Doherty and BabyShambles songs.
The first gig I ever did was in a pub called the Railway Inn in Mansfield doing Elvis covers.
Elvis was one of my biggest influences. My mum introduced me to his music and Dusty Springfield, Karen Carpenter, Fleetwood Mac and Al Green.
By then I’d switched to an acoustic guitar and started writing my own songs.
My first gig in Nottingham was a year ago at The Maze as part of the Acoustickle night. I contacted Parisa (Eliyon, promoter) and asked if I could play. She gave me a chance. And she said she liked my set. Parisa also introduced me to a few people.
I’ve played about 80 gigs since then. I love it.
But I’ve not done much recording so I’m looking forward to going in to the studio next week to record an EP. It’ll hopefully be released in the spring on Farmyard Records.
I’ve already been played on XFM. They made my track, Stranger, the Song of the Week.
Mark Del from Nusic sent it to them without me knowing and when I was on my way to London someone sent me a text saying it had just been played on the radio.
The same weekend, he sent Billy Bragg a message on Twitter with a link to one of my songs and he said that he really liked it.
When I was in London I met KT Tunstall, which was great because her album was the first I ever bought. I was doing a gig and she just happened to be there. She came up to me after to congratulate me and said she really enjoyed my music.
There’s a lot of talent in Nottingham at the minute. I love Harleighblu, she has a great voice. And the Gorgeous Chans are really cool.

Georgie Rose How plays the Rescue Rooms in Goldsmith Street on Friday, February 15, with Bitter Strings and OneGirlOneBoy. It’s the official Jake Bugg after show party, following the Clifton chart-topper’s sold-out Rock City gig. Doors open at 10pm. Admission is free. For details of her other shows in the city go to or follow her on Twitter: @GeorgieRoseHQ.

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