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Peter Andre

October 2012

WHEN you go and see a show now you really want to be properly entertained and so this time I wanted to do something completely different.
I didn’t want to just do a normal sing and dance show. I didn’t want it to be boring, you know.
So I’ll be meeting up with a magician who has worked with Dynamo. He’s going to teach me a few tricks. So, there’ll be illusions in the show.
It’s stuff that’s going to blow everybody away. Like what? Well, there is something that’s going to happen that is going to be amazing but I’ll leave it at that.
I want people to come and see the show even if they don’t know the songs.
Even though I’m releasing a new album and most of the fans who come will know those songs and my past hits, I want to invite people who don’t know my music.
They will still be entertained. So even if you don’t know any of my songs, come down and you’ll love it.
Anything goes in the show. Although there won’t be any stand-up comedy because my jokes are terrible.
We’ve called it Up Close and Personal, so I may be sitting next to you at some point.
And our band is completely unique. Some of them are real and some of them aren’t. Like Gorillaz, where they are characters.
The sort of people I see coming to my shows these days are fans who were there from the start, from the middle of the Nineties but they bring their kids as well, and their mums. So it’s a very diverse crowd.
The new album is called Angels & Demons and has all sorts on it, including jazz, pop, R&B and dance. There’s a guy on there who has written for Boyz II Men and we’ve done a track that’s very Quincy Jones. And we’ve added this very credible US rapper called Talib Kweli. Kanye West sings about him on his records.
This album is like nothing that I’ve ever made before. I wanted it to be for everyone.
I’m still getting people saying ‘you need to do really commercial, poppy stuff’ and I say ‘why do I need to do that?’
I just want to do my own thing. If you are consistent then eventually people will get it. As long as what you bring out is quality.
I’ve opened my own label and done a joint venture with my past label so I can do what I want.
Right now my life is great. There’ll come a point where enough is enough but I’m getting great work, people are very kind, I still have my own privacy and I do what I want. I don’t think it’ll go on forever but it’s lasted 20 years so far. Lucky me.
What else will I do? Well, acting is something I’d be interested in and I do TV presenting and things but I’d rather do music. Touring is my favourite thing, ever.
I’m looking forward to Nottingham because I remember how wild the crowd were the last time I was there.
In fact, the further north you go, the wilder and wilder the crowds get.

Peter Andre: Up Close and Personal at the Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday December 12. Tickets are £26.50 and £28.50, available from the venue box office, call 0115 989 5555 or go to
His album Angels & Demons, is released on October 29.

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