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Natalie Duncan on Later with Jools Holland

IT was terrifying. I don’t mind admitting that I was really scared, really nervous about the whole thing. I was panicking for two days. We were supposed to turn up at the studio at 5pm and right up until then I couldn’t talk to anyone.
I was just drinking honey. I was in a honey bubble. A bubble of paranoia and fear.
When we got there at 5pm we did a soundcheck and had make-up done. Even the soundcheck was nerve-wracking for me.
I did meet Jools Holland in a corridor before the show and he said he liked my album and that he was going to play it on his Radio 2 show. Which was really nice.
The room itself is much smaller than it looks on telly. Everyone is so much closer together than you think but that was actually less intimidating. I’m not sure why. There did seem to be a bit of a family vibe and everyone was quite supportive of each other.
The Beach Boys were really friendly, especially Mike Love. He was hilarious. He kept talking to me throughout the whole filming, just talking away about how I should sing Etta James.
And he was very disparaging about Public Image Ltd, which I found hilarious. But that really put me at ease.
If everyone had loads of attitude or was really distant it would have been a lot more nerve-wracking for me.
I spoke to The xx briefly just to tell them I liked their stuff. I didn’t speak to Muse. I could have done but I’m a bit shy anyway so I wasn’t going to just walk over to them and say “Hey Muse, great gig guys”.
We started filming at 8pm and that’s what you’ll see on BBC2 tonight. I did Sky Is Falling for that.
For the live show that was seen on Tuesday night I did Devil In Me - you’ll see that again tonight. The Friday show is basically a repeat of the live show plus extras.
I don’t think Sky Is Falling went as well as Devil In Me because I was a lot more nervous doing that.
For the live show it was hard to sit there and wait while I watched the Beach Boys, PiL, The xx and Muse perform before it was my turn. But I think it would have been worse if I was first. I remember thinking “please not me, please not me...” when he started the show.
In a way everyone else warmed things up before it was my turn. The way I look at it is that the Beach Boys, Muse and PiL were my support acts.
I was at my mum’s the next day and that’s when I watched it back for the first time on iPlayer. Some of the close-ups weren’t very good but I didn’t hate it and that’s always a good sign.
I didn’t see anything that stood out to me as a mistake.
I find it quite weird watching myself anyway but it was nice to watch it back.
I really did enjoy the whole experience. Even though I was quite nervous and found it quite overwhelming, it was exciting.

Natalie Duncan’s debut album Devil In Me is out now. For more about her go to

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