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Jake Bugg and the Stones Roses

August 2012

“I HEARD about it last week when my manager phoned me and said: ‘Do you want to support the Stone Roses?’ and I was like ‘well, I don’t know really...’ (laughs).
“The guy who put the gig on had gone to the Stones Roses and said ‘you need to check out this guy; you need to get him on’.
“I did about half an hour on my own. I was nervous beforehand. I mean, Jimmy Page was in the crowd. And as a guitarist that was a bit mad.
But once I got on the stage, all that seemed to go out the window, I didn’t feel nervous one little bit and I got on with it. I could see a few of the famous faces knocking about while I was playing. There were only about 400 people there, so it was a bit mad.
“I watched the Stones Roses after and they were great. I never thought I’d get to see them live but to be on the same stage... I could have watched it from the side of the stage but I went into the crowd and stood on a step, so I had the best view looking over everyone. It was a great gig.
“I spoke to Jimmy Page afterwards and he was a really nice guy. I didn’t want to say ‘oh you’re a great guitarist and I like all your Led Zeppelin stuff’. I know he’d played on the Donovan track Hurdy Gurdy man, when he was a session player back in the 60s, and I said ‘I love your solo on that track’. It looked like his eyes lit up a bit. It probably made a change for him not to be asked about Zeppelin.
“I went for a fag with Miles Kane then went backstage and Mani told us to grab a beer. Then Ian (Brown) came over and said: ‘You’re brave doing those songs up on the stage, aren’t you?’ I can’t tell you what he meant, it’s what he just kept saying. I don’t know if he meant the kind of songs I was playing or that I’d gone on there on my own.
“Then I met John Squire and he was really sound as well.
“And I got to hold a silver medal. I couldn’t tell you whose it was but he said he’d trained in Nottingham. He was a swimmer, I think.
“And I met Wiggy and he was cool.
“I remember it being a great night and talking to a lot of people but it was quite overwhelming and a lot of it was a blur to me. And we had free drinks so...
“The people there were saying ‘thanks for playing it’ and I was like ‘what you on about? Thanks for having me on!’

“The Stone Roses gig was a blessing really because I was nervous about the Noel Gallagher one next week in London for War Child. You know, meeting your idol.
“But now I’m not even really thinking about it.
“I thought it was going to be a bill with a few acts on but it’s just me and him.
“And I think he’s playing on his own as well.
“I’ll be going to America with him and Snow Patrol on my own. Noel’s people were worried about the logistics of taking my band. It’s not hard for us to set up; it’s only bass and drums. At least I’m not going to have to pay as much (laughs).
“I’ll be doing Europe with Noel as well before the American tour and that will be with my band.
“I’ll be in Europe when my album comes out in October. I can’t get wait to get my hands on it. After America I come back here for my headline tour which includes the Rescue Rooms.
“I think America are on about putting my album out next year, which is great because not so many UK albums get released over there.
“I always knew I wanted to be a musician and make a career of it but I never once thought that I actually would get the chance.
“It’s wicked, man. I just hope and I can do the city proud.”

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