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Sophie Debattista

June 2012

MY mum is from Nottingham and she met my dad while on holiday in Malta. It was love at first sight, apparently.
They were both attached to their home towns but eventually my mum gave in and moved to Malta.
We have a family restaurant based in Bugibba called The Mirabelle. Dad is a full-time manager and sometimes helps out in the kitchen. My mum used to be have her own hair salon but she now just does a couple of her friends’ hair.
I still have family in Nottingham. My nana and nanu Bow (grandfather), uncle Stew, auntie Sam, my two lovely cousins George and Ollie, who live in Hucknall and many other great uncles, aunties and cousins spread around Nottinghamshire. I love visiting them whenever I have a chance, so this summer I’ll hopefully be up to visit them more often then usual.
I recently moved to London, as did my sister Charlotte, so my parents are enjoying a break from running around after both of us.
I will be starting my very first UK tour soon, which is extremely exciting. Getting a chance to tour the UK has always been one of my biggest dreams.
As I’m half English, the UK has always been an important part of my life. I have been travelling back and forth for as long as I can remember.
I was interested in music from the word go. When we were much younger, my sister and I would always put on little musical shows for my mum and dad. We copied dance moves from Steps and S Club 7.
A I got older I realised that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
My parents aren’t musical at all. They are very supportive but that’s as far as it goes. My dad likes to think that he’s a good dancer but I guess every dad thinks that.
I’ve been performing shows in Malta and appearing on TV for quite a few years.
I do get recognised in the street and people ask for my autograph or to have a picture.
I think it’s so sweet when things like this happen.
It’s so hard to pick my biggest gig to date, as I have performed in a couple of huge events before which have been outstanding experiences. I opened the Maltese Tribute to Michael Jackson after he had passed away, performing at the Malta Music Awards, the Malta Fashion Awards and The Junior Eurovision.
I love being Maltese and coming from such a small but beautiful island.
My new single is a version of Bobby Hebb’s Sunny. My producer Elton Zarb and I have taken the song to a completely different level. We can’t wait to see what everybody else thinks of it. It’ll be released at the end of summer on the Thru The Mill label with my album following in September through Absolute/Universal Music.
I’ve been working on that for two years with Elton Zarb and other producers Giles Squire and Bill Young. They’re all my own lyrics. I’m really proud of it.

Sophie will be appearing at the Ashfield Festival in Sutton-in-Ashfield on Saturday July 7. For more about her go to, follow her on Twitter @totallysophie, find her and listen to her latest single at

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