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Kyle Eastwood

April 2012

The son of Clint Eastwood brings his jazz band to The Glee Club...

Will this be your first trip to Nottingham?
I was in Nottingham a few years ago, and yes, of course I do know of Robin Hood. I was a big fan of the story growing up and still am. I love England, the crowds are always very welcoming to me there.

Music has been your career choice rather than acting and your father seems to approve but what about your mother?
My mother is a huge fan of Jazz, as big as my father is actually. She is a bit of a musician herself. Music has always been an important part of our family and always will be.

You grew up with jazz music but as a youngster didn’t you hate it? Surely pop music was more to your taste?
No, I always enjoyed going out to the Monterey Jazz Festival with the family. I appreciate all the hard work and practice that the musicians have put into their craft. Yes, I do like some pop music and many other styles of music as well, such as Motown and rock, but jazz was always something I appreciated.

At what age did you think music was the career for you?
When I was about 18. That's when I started becoming serious about practicing and playing the bass.

Why the bass and not the sax or cornet?
I started taking piano lessons when I was around seven, then I learned some guitar when I was 12 for a film I did with my father. I started teaching myself the bass when I was about 15. It seemed to come naturally to me.

Tell me about your latest album, Songs From The Chateau.
It was recorded at Chateau Couronneau in Bordeaux, France in the summer of 2010. The music came out very well because we were in a relaxed setting in a beautiful part of the world, eating great food and drinking wine with friends. The whole idea was to go somewhere a little less sterile than a recording studio.

Which other musicians have you played with who have been heroes?
I had a chance to play with Marcus Miller and his band a year ago. I've also played with Ben Riley, the drummer from Thelonious Monk, Kenny Barron, Jeff Beck, and I jammed with Herbie Hancock.

You've contributed to a number of your father's films (including Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby). How does that work?
I watch the film as my father is editing it, then it's a matter of sitting down at the piano and creating music that fits the scene. Then, when the film is on the final editing stage, my father and I fine tune the music for the scenes that need scoring.

Is it true you could have been the Karate Kid?
Yes, my father was interested in possibly directing the film and wanted me to star in it, but it didn't end up happening.

If fans of your father’s work are coming to see you play tonight, even though they don't normally watch live jazz, are they welcome?
Yes, of course they are welcome to see me play. I know they will always be interested in my father, but if they come see me I hope they will leave with a new appreciation for jazz.

Kyle Eastwood plays The Glee Club in Castle Wharf April 25.

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