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March 2012

Where are you now?
At the airport. I’m going to Austria for a gig with MJ Cole. I met him last year when he came to Detonate. He told the promoter he needed an MC and there I was. I’ve done a few gigs with him since then. It’s for Jack Wills, the clothing company. They have a horse box with a DJ stand in it that they tour around although I think this one is on a mountain.

Are you always heading off to Europe to perform?
This is my first international gig. I’m buzzing about it. I was pretty laid back but then on Sunday I couldn’t sleep at all. I was like a kid at Christmas.

Where have we seen you perform?
For a long time you’d see me at a Detonate night called Basslaced. That’s really where I started hosting for dubstep DJs and making connections. I did Lovebox last year in London with Starkey and Snoop Dogg was headlining. But we went on ridiculously early at something like two o’clock in the afternoon so we were performing to 40,000 blades of grass and no people. But by the time we’d finished our one hour set there were six or seven hundred people who were having a good time.

How would you describe your music?
You’ll hear a lot of dubstep, some grime and some hip-hop. I’ve done a soca tune, which is like carnival music from St Kitts where half my family are from. The other half is Jamaican so I also do reggae. But I’ll do anything. I’m not confined to any genre. I’m open to doing some indie crossover. Music is music. As long as it’s good and people enjoy it.

Where are you from?
I grew up in Radford and St Ann’s and now live in West Bridgford. I’m not feeling the energy but it’s nice for my son. He’s eight and his well-being is my top priority so I’ll tolerate the lack of jerk chicken in West Bridgford for his sake.

What’s the day job?
I work in personnel at Games Workshop. I don’t play the hobby at all but I appreciate people’s love for it. And their love for it pays my wages.

Is Karizma a character you’ve created?
When I was 15, I sat with my name best mate Renee and we went through the dictionary looking for a word that would make a good rap name. I’m myself. I don’t put on a persona.

How did you start in music?
I started with (St Ann’s hip-hop crew) Out Da Ville when I was 15. Everyone did. My grandma started with Out Da Ville. She told me the other day.

Where can we hear your music?
My single Bad Boy is available on iTunes. I had an e-mail yesterday saying it was going to be on the 1Xtra playlist. And they’ve played it on Kiss as well. There are about 28 other tunes at

Karizma will be joined by Our Helical Mind at The Bodega in Pelham Street tomorrow from 9pm for Wax N’ Lyrical, which also features Caxton Press, eMCee Killa, Kount Masloff and Kalutski. Admission is £4. For more details go to

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