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Rebecca Ferguson

January 2012

TEND to have my weekends back in Liverpool. Home will always be Liverpool. I’ve got a place up there but I’ve got a place in Surrey now as well for when I’m working during the week.

The weekends are chill-out time for me. When I’m not on tour I go back up there and see friends and family. I go for lots of dinners. Sometimes I’ll have a night out.
I’ve got two children, a boy and a girl, who are 5 and 7. I take them to a place called the Yellow Submarine, which is like a big play area.
Or we’ll go to the pictures. I get to see lots of kids’ films. I’m like ‘can’t we go and see this one?’ and they’re like ‘no mummy.’ I wanted to see Puss In Boots but they’d already seen that with their dad, so I had to go and see Alvin and the Chipmunks.
A lot of the time I just like to be a normal mum. We just sit in and watch films. We love that. We get the Disney films on and slob out all day in our PJs.
We watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory the other day. It wasn’t the Johnny Depp one, it was the original one (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) and we really liked that.
When they’ve gone to bed and I get a chance to watch what I want, it’s Desperate Scousewives. It’s so funny. It’s not true to what we’re like but it’s hilarious, so I have a good giggle on a Monday night watching that.
And I love Judge Judy. She’s a proper strong woman.
But most of the time I’ll watch a film on the laptop. Recently? Elizabeth: The Golden Age. And I downloaded Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt. I like the old films. I love the classics, like Marilyn Monroe films.
The music on my iPod is really random. I’ve Swedish House Mafia, Lisa Gerrard, Bombay Bicycle Club and loads of classical music. I don’t get the chance to go and see anyone in concert but me and the kids went to a panto over Christmas at Richmond Theatre and that was good. It was Cinderella, with that blonde woman off Loose Women. I can’t remember her name (Jenny Eclair).
I’m a good cook. I make a roast on Sunday and the kids help me with that. And we all make pasta together. But I don’t always get time to cook any more though, which is a shame.
No I don’t go to McDonald’s! I never go to McDonald’s. No, I’m lying, I so do, on a drive-thru. But the kids and me, we do eat quite well. Although if we go out for the day we do end up in Pizza Hut or something.
And if we order a takeaway it’ll be an Indian; korma or a tandoori chicken.
How do I keep fit? Two kids. That’s literally it. I’ve actually got a gym in my house and I don’t go in it. But you know what, if you’ve got two kids and you’re running around and you’re working, it does keep you trim, I think.
I’m starting rehearsals for the tour at the end of the month but no-one is telling me to get fit. You’re joking, aren’t you? Can you imagine?
I’ve been to Nottingham before on the X Factor Tour (in 2010) and do you know what... I went on a ghost tour. It was at the place facing our hotel (The Galleries of Justice). It was spooky. Me, Mary (Byrne), Katie (Waissel) and Cher (Lloyd) went there and it was proper scary in the crazy dungeons. Maybe I’ll try the shops next time.

Rebecca Ferguson appears at the Royal Concert Hall on Monday February 27. Tickets are £19.50 to £32.50 from the venue, call 0115 989 5555 or go to She releases Too Good To Lose, her second single from her top ten album, Heaven, on February 26.

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