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Joe McElderry

November 2011

THE first date on the tour is tomorrow in Rhyl. I’ve been rehearsing in the theatre this week. I could go on stage tonight I’m that excited. I can’t wait.
It’s like two separate shows. You get the pop stuff first with a bit of the X Factor stuff that takes you on the journey before Popstar To Operastar. Then the mood changes and you get the classical stuff.
Tonight I’ll still be rehearsing like crazy for that first show and there’ll be no time for any playtime. It’s hard work because I want that first show to be perfect.
If I wanted to have some time off tomorrow before the show I probably could but I don’t want it because I want to polish everything up and make sure it’s totally perfect.
There’ll be plenty of time for that after.
On Sunday I’ll be travelling to the next show in Margate.
Although I’m busy this week rehearsing every day from 9am to 6pm, it’s been the first week in a long time where I’ve had time to myself in the evening. So back at the hotel I’ve been able to catch Coronation Street and EastEnders. I haven’t seen them for ages.
I like watching Friends and Will & Grace but I love Brothers and Sisters. I’ve got the box sets and I watch them on my laptop.
I went to see Tintin (bottom right) last week at the cinema. It’s really good. Really funny. I tend to go when I’m back home in South Shields where people are used to me being around so it’s not too bad with them wanting autographs and photos. I throw a hoody on and sneak in when the lights have gone down.
I love living up there. I’ve got my own place now. I bought it after the X Factor.
I don’t get home as much as I’d like to but even if it’s only for a couple of days, it’s worth it.
I’ve managed for the past two years commuting to London and it’s not been a problem so I don’t think I need to move there.
I’m not a cook. Not in the slightest. Me mam or friends come round and make me dinner. Or if I do it myself it’ll be scrambled egg and beans. I like scrambled egg and mushrooms for breakfast. I tend to be out for the rest of the day so I’ll grab a salad or soup wherever I am. I try and eat healthy but I’m in different places every day pretty much.
I sing at least one song every day so the voice is always in good shape. It’s a muscle, so it’s like going to the gym. If I don’t sing for a week it takes a couple of days to warm my voice up.
I like running to keep fit. I’ll run three or four times a week.
I don’t read books. I find it really hard. The only time I’d read one is in bed and I’d fall asleep straight away.
I have probably the weirdest music taste ever. Especially since doing Popstar To Operastar. It’s classical, pop, country music, Beyonce, Rihanna... all sorts. I went to see Rihanna (far left) two weeks ago. That was a really good show.
I went to see Live At The Apollo as well recently, which is the (BBC) comedy thing. They did pick on me but in a nice way. I was dreading it but it wasn’t horrible. It was Alan Carr and Micky Flanagan.
If I had a weekend to myself and I wasn’t working I’d chill out with friends and family, go to the pictures, go out for food, go for a run... I’d probably have a house party.
I was in Nottingham for the X Factor tour and we were there for two nights so I had time to have a look around.
We went to the dungeon or is it the old jail? Yes, the Galleries of Justice. They opened it for us after the first show and we had a look around there. It’s quite spooky and very strange.

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