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The Saturdays: Rochelle

October 2011

 WE were in Nottingham last week actually on a radio promotional tour. Vanessa and I went shopping. I bought a coat from Zara and then we went to Pret (A-Manger). We had a few people say hello and take our picture. It’s funny because once one person does it, you get quite a few more doing it.

This weekend I’ll be packing because I know we are away next week on a promotional tour. I’m not sure where we’re going to be honest. It could here, it could be in Timbuktu. But that’s typical really. I quite like it.
If I’m at home at the weekend I like a healthy mix of staying in and going out. A lot of it depends on what sort of a week I’ve had.
I love @The X Factor. @I think the groups and the girls are the strongest this year but I think@ Frankie @will win. I like@ The Risk@ and@ Misha B.@
I don’t think of them as possible competition for us. We’ve not actually got any competition at the minute as there are no other girl bands around. I’m not complaining but it’s nice to have a bit of healthy competition. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be rivals and hate each other.
I’ve heard of @Parade@ but I haven’t heard their album yet. I don’t think it’s out yet (it’s released on November 14). But we’ve met them a couple of times and they’re sweet girls.
At the moment I’m loving @Beyonce’s@ (right|) latest album and I still love @Adele’s album.@ When we were recording our new album I was consumed by that and didn’t really listen to anyone else. You get a bit OCD about it. Just in case you hear a new drum beat or something.
The album’s out on November 21 and it has taken us about a year to finish. I’m excited for everyone to hear it now. It’s nice when you are creatively involved. There are 12 songs on the album and we wrote seven.
It’s a pop album, a mixture of ballads and uptempo stuff. We don’t shy away from pop, we’re proud of being a pop band. It’s what we enjoy and what a lot of other people enjoy.
I’m reading a book about Madeleine McCann (@Madeleine by Kate McCann@) at the moment but I keep stopping and starting. All of our down time is when we are in car and I get so car sick when I try and read. Even texting while in a car gets me going. So I tend to sleep most of the time. Even 15 minutes is better than none at all. It does me good. I’m back on form after a nap.
We’re always on the go and dancing when we perform so I keep fit that way. I hate the thought of getting into a gym as well as what we already do. So I don’t. I probably should.
It goes in phases, really. You join a gym in January and go for a few weeks and then don’t go again until the next year.
The last film I saw was @The Inbetweeners@ (above). I love The Inbetweeners anyway and yes it was good. It’s just like The Inbetweeners on holiday.
Eating on the go drives me insane so we make sure we sit down and have time to eat properly. Even if it’s just half an hour. On the road you can end up eating a lot of bad food. But there are a lot of Marks & Spencers and Waitrose now so you can have something that’s good for you.
I love cooking. If the girls were coming round for dinner I’d do something easy because I don’t like doing the timing. One thing’s always cold. So it would have to be a chili con carne or something like that.
I’d love to do@ Come Dine With Me,@ although I don’t like the idea of people snooping around your house.
I’m with The Saturdays all the time and they are like my four best friends but for a perfect weekend I’d like to spend it with my mum and my family and other friends from home.

The Saturdays play the Capital FM Arena on Monday December 12. Tickets are £19.50 from the venue, call 08444 124624 or visit Their new album, On Your Radar, is out November 21.

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