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October 2011

 "A stranger shouted out their car at me “You sad *@&%***!!” – which made me proud to be a Notts girl."

I LIVE in “Costa-del-Carrington” these days. I moved here quite recently after an 11-year romance with Sneinton.
On Friday nights I might allow myself a trip into town to Broadway Cinema or for some tea at Lee Rosy’s, then maybe a gig or some comedy.
I’m a gig-goer and a comedy-goer. I’d like to be a theatre-goer but that’s just too much goer-ing for me.
The last couple of gigs I’ve been to were Swimming supporting Love Inks and also the relaunch party of the Rescue Rooms with Dog Is Dead, Kirk Spenser, Yunioshi and You Slut.
Friday night is also good for dancing and the best place to do this, of course, is on the steps of the Council House completely alone. What? Just me then?
I normally spend the weekend working on music – writing, recording, producing, making videos and mixtapes, practicing – I don’t often have many days off just to do nothing.
I’m not even sure what nothing is or how you do it, but I do like to have friends over and spend quality time with my cat – Chairman Miow.
In terms of TV I’ve been watching the latest series of Shooting Stars, which I love. My guilty pleasure has been Made In Chelsea, which I love for all the wrong reasons.
I try to go to the cinema at least three times a day if possible but most days this isn’t possible. The last film I saw was Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at Broadway. I thought it was brilliant but it made me glad I wasn’t a secret agent as it’s a bit stressful.
I don’t cook much any more. And I eat a bit like a chimp – lots of bananas and leaves. Today I ate four bananas, lots of lettuce, two milkshakes, some rice and two dates. Yes, chimps do drink milkshakes.
I also powerfully resisted a Hula Hoop which was offered to me.
If I do get around to cooking or rather baking then it would be a banana-related pudding – banoffee pie or banana cake.
My favourite food at the moment is juicy nectarines or mangos but not the rock-hard ones from the supermarket.
When we get a takeaway it’s a lunchtime curry from the Indian Community Centre on Hucknall Road.
I do go to the gym or go for a run most days. A couple of days ago I was running on Mansfield Road and a stranger shouted out their car at me “You sad *@&%***!!” – which made me proud to be a Notts girl.
The book I’m currently reading is Donald Barthelme’s Sixty Stories. I like surreal or funny books that confuse me.
Radio? I sometimes catch up with Benji B’s and Annie Mac’s shows on the BBC iPlayer and, of course, The Beat on BBC Radio Nottingham with Dean Jackson.
I listen to loads of different music at home. Lately I’ve been digging up lots of old and new disco for when I’m Dj-ing. Some all time faves are Chaka Khan, Prince, Tom Tom Club, Shannon, early Madonna, Arthur Russell and a more recent favourite is Dutch producer Shook, who just remixed a track off my new EP.
My favourite place to go in Nottingham is Go-Ape in Sherwood Forest, which is like doing the Krypton Factor up in the trees.
Friends and pudding would also have to feature heavily. I could live on pudding alone. If you make me a cake I will be your best friend – it’s that simple.

Ronika’s new EP, Only Only/In The City, was released on Monday through RecordShop and is available to download on iTunes. You can find her on Facebook, MySpace and follow her on Twitter at

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