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Lightning Seeds

August 2011

The Lightning Seeds will be headlining the Headstock Festival in Nottinghamshire next month. Frontman Ian Broudie tells Metro about his typical weekend...

I have homes in Liverpool and West London. It’s hard to say which feels more like home. I think I’m lucky to live between the two.
I bought a place in London a long time ago. My son lived there so I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. He’s 20 now and he’s at university but he also plays guitar in my band. So he’ll be with me at the Headstock Festival next month.
I haven’t done a tour this year. Last year I went out with Squeeze and I remember we came to Nottingham.
But I’m only doing festivals this year and I’ve been playing loads of hits. It’s good fun playing songs that everyone knows.
I am planning a tour in February where I’ll be playing a few new songs. I haven’t been writing for a long time but recently I’ve written quite a few so I’ll be recording them later this year just to see how I feel about them.
If I’m in London I’ll go out for a few drinks with friends on a Friday night but I certainly don’t go clubbing anymore.
On a Friday night in Liverpool I’ll normally be in the studio until quite late. Then at about 11pm I’ll go into town and have a couple of drinks.
When it’s the football season, Saturday will be all about watching that, wherever I am. I’ve got a season ticket at Liverpool.
I tend not to just turn the telly on. I try and only watch a specific programme or series. Usually the American dramas and comedies that HBO produce, like The Sopranos (right) and Curb Your Enthusiasm (far right). I try to read books more than watch the telly. I like autobiographies and they’re usually related to music and entertainment. Andrew Loog Oldham’s is pretty cool. I’ve got Ronnie Spector’s to read. I read Tony Hancock’s this year as well.
I wish I did go to the cinema more because I love the experience. There’s a cinema in Liverpool round the corner from where I live that’s very old fashioned. You know, stopping the film half-way through and bringing around ice cream. That’s great. And there’s a similar one in West London.
I tend not to go for the blockbusters although I did go and see Harry Potter (above right) so I can’t say that really can I? It’s very grown-up. I don’t mind a bit of science fiction. I used to read a fair bit of that.
The last film I watched was on DVD: Animal Kingdom, an Australian film. It’s good but it’s a strange film. It’s about this kid whose mum dies, he has to get in touch with his grandmother and his uncles. He finds out they’re all really horrible, big criminals and he gets drawn into that world.
I like to cook. I haven’t eaten meat for a long time but I do eat fish sometimes and I can make a nice tuna pasta dish. I hate gyms. I find them really boring but I probably do need to join one. I prefer to play football or tennis. And I used to do a lot of boxing to keep fit but I got an injury so I had to stop.
I’m going to try and do a lot more cycling but I don’t like cycling in London because I feel like I’ll be hit by a bus at any moment.

Sep 9-11, Headstock Festival, Newstead and Annesley Country Park, £60 weekend £35 day (concs available). Tel: 0845 413 4444.

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