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Liam Bailey

July 2011

ON a Friday night I’ll usually go to a mate’s gig or the pub and both will end up with us jamming and listening to music until the early hours of the morning. So, on Saturday I won’t get up until around two o’clock, I’ll do myself a fry-up and then go out again.
On Sunday I’ll have a Sunday dinner or if I’m in Nottingham I’ll go and see my mum.
I’ve been living in London the past few years. I live on my own but the girlfriend is around a lot.
I might be doing a gig myself at the weekend, of course. This weekend I’m off to Germany with Chase & Status. That’s on Sunday. I toured with them earlier this year and now it’s the festival season, so we’re going all over Europe. We’ve already been to Denmark and Belgium, we did Wireless, T In The Park and Oxygene. I was in Spain yesterday for Benicassim. There’s even a gig in Japan coming up.
Tonight I’ll be at my mate’s hip-hop night, then on to a warehouse party in Hackney. So tomorrow I’ll be recovering then flying out to Germany.
I was supposed to be doing a few festivals on my own but I cancelled them to promote my album which is out next month. It’ll be regional radio interviews and things like that.
I got a complaint from the neighbours the other day. The landlord phoned me up and said they’d heard me shouting at the telly. I wasn’t even drunk, I was sat on the sofa watching that BBC programme about songwriting (Secrets Of The Pop Song, BBC2). Nothing soulful comes out of the studio when you’re sat there with a pen going “I don’t think we should say ‘with’, I think we should say ‘and’”.
I like watching Channel 4 News for some reason. But I generally like to watch the stupid stuff, like Undercover Boss and Come Dine With Me – that cracks me up. I’d love to go on it. I’d do a fry-up. I’ve had some posh fry-ups in London, you’d be surprised what you can do. Put spinach on it, make it look nice.
I’m alright in the kitchen, thanks to Jamie Oliver, he taught me well. I’ve got his book, 30 Minute Meals. Obviously it takes me about an hour and a half. He’s got one of his restaurants around the corner, I might go in and have a moan.
I’ve been to Jamie’s Kitchen in Nottingham and it’s all right in there. It’s not too expensive.
The last time I went to the cinema was to see Attack The Block, which was funny. I only went because the girlfriend wanted to go. It’s about these aliens that come down and try and take over a council estate in South London but there’s all these kids, the ‘you get meh’ crew who are like ‘What you sayin’ bled!? We’re gonna kill these aliens.’ It’s funny.
I’m reading a book about Quincy Jones. He had an interesting life. And Bob Dylan’s Chronicles... that was like reading the Bible. It’s a great book. Really interesting. And I’ve got quite a short attention span.
The music I’m loving at the moment is Hudson Mohawke, Tyler The Creator and Radiohead.
Of course I don’t keep fit. I need to do. At one point I put on about a stone and a half which made me laugh because a girl I know, she’s a singer, you’d know her... well, the label put her on meals on wheels. Delivering the food she’s allowed to eat. They couldn’t do that with someone like me, there’s no point. And it’s different for blokes. I’m not that kind of artist anyway. If I was in a pop group it’d be different.
My perfect weekend would be good music, good people, good wine, good weather... if you’ve got good people around you it doesn’t matter where you are.

Liam Bailey’s It’s Not The Same EP is out now on Polydor Records. It includes an acoustic version of Blind Faith, the Top Five single he recorded with Chase & Status.

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