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k.d. lang

April 2011

I could get the DNA of Rock Hudson if I tore apart the medicine cabinet

 LIVE in Los Angeles which I know is a hard city to like, it’s a hard city to find. You imagine it to be one way and it’s not that way at all, there are no people on the streets, it’s really spread out... but then you get into it and it really is an amazing city.
My house used to be owned by Rock Hudson. Did he leave anything behind? I don’t know. You know those old medicine cabinets with those razor slots? Well there’s one of those and I bet I could get the DNA of Rock Hudson if I tore apart the medicine cabinet. I don’t think I need the money bad enough to tear up my bathroom for it.
If it’s a beautiful weekend I like to ride my motorcycle. It’s a ‘67 Triumph and it’s a beauty.
If it’s not such a nice day I make soup. It depends what’s in the fridge but any vegetarian soup. I love cooking. It’s one of the greatest things about living in Los Angeles. They have all these farmers’ markets with all these organic produce vendors and it’s great. So I can make any kind of soup. I could even make Nottingham-style soup. I’d use potatoes, some peas, roast beef and some horseradish (laughs) with some Yorkshire pudding bits on top.
I don’t watch much TV. Once in a while I’ll watch an HBO series. Most recently I watched Big Love which I was so in love with. I don’t know if you’re getting it over there (it’s on Sky Atlantic). The other TV that I watch is NFL, American football. I don’t have a team because Los Angeles doesn’t have one, so that allows me to be unfaithful. I throw a football around in my yard but I don’t play.
I like to go to the really funky Mexican restaurants here because I like tequila.
I swim every day when I’m at home but I’m not fit, let’s get that right. And I hike. One of the great things about Los Angeles is hiking in the hills. Yes, I’ve been up to the (Hollywood) sign. There’s lots of great hiking up in Griffith Park.
I do not read. I’ve never been a reader. I don’t have the patience and I’m kind of dyslexic so it makes reading not very much fun.
The music I listen to at home is on the radio, a station called KCRW which plays eclectic music. I don’t listen to any talk radio. Opinions are like onions. (They make you cry?) Yep. And they make your breath bad.
I don’t go out to see theatre or comedy shows or music that much. Sometimes I’ll go to classical. It’s a busman’s holiday. People don’t bother me. Not in Los Angeles. There are too many famous people and I’m way down the list.
I do go to the movies though. The King’s Speech was such a great film.
A perfect weekend would be like 74 degrees. I’d have the windows open and the music on. I’d have a couple of good swims, an occasional ride on the motorbike, the dogs would be laying around, I’d have a nap on the day bed, make a great salad. Either a nice bottle of wine or a nice margerita. Lots of sun.

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