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N-Dubz: Dappy

February 2011

THE weekend is all about relaxing with the family, chillin’ in and being cosy. Having a dark environment inside the house, with curtains closed, fire on, you know? If we feel energised we might go clubbing and wotnot.
I live with my girlfriend Kay and our two kids, who are 20 months and eight weeks.
We do go out as a family to local parks but it can get a bit crazy. Once one person knows you are there then people start coming up to you for pictures. Obviously if someone wanted to take that fame away I’d be gutted so I can’t be moaning can I?
My girlfriend used to be a bit rude towards me when that happened. She knows I’m out with her and the kids but I have to say ‘please babe, if anyone asks for pictures today don’t get angry with me.’ She wants me to tell them to go away, that I’m not working and I can’t do that. I say ‘hey babe, hold the bags one sec...’ and one day she dropped the bags and just walked off with the pram.
Now she’s grown out of it and she helps me. She knows that’s how it is. It’s what we dreamt of doing and now it’s happening she’s got to respect that.
She does the cooking. We made a pact. I bring in the money and she does all the mummy stuff. I said ‘you do the cooking and the cleaning, I’ll bring the money in, I’ll make sure we have a roof over our heads, and make sure Gino and Milo have nappies, I don’t want to change nappies, you do that...’ and we’ve kept it like that.
I did some really good pad work the other day with my brothers, just punching these pads and my whole body felt messed up due to the fact I’d not been to the gym or had a jog in a long time. I need to get back to that to be ready for our massive tour. We all need to be really fit for that. So I’ll be doing some jogging, doing some press-ups, drinking lots of water.
On the tour we have a ping pong table. And we have these two chefs who are the best. They do everything, from English, West Indian, Greek... we can have what we like.
There are 19 dates on the tour, including Nottingham. I remember when we came one time and I met a lady who was a big N-Dubz fan and she had a tattoo of my face on her back.
In fact our two managers, Dean and Richard, are from Nottingham. They’re the founders of N-Dubz along with my dad. My dad out us together and they’re managing us now.Their accents are really funny but we’re used to it now.
I like to watch to Bear Grylls on the TV. He’s great, he’s the best. It’s all about man against nature. No-one can slate him for what he does. I watch a bit of X Factor and I saw all the I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! but normally when I get in I switch straight to the documentary channel. I would only do Celebrity if my music career was coming to an end but that’s not happening yet. It would be really mad, it would be crazy in there.
I haven’t been to the theatre since I was a baby. I don’t really go out to gigs either because we’re always busy doing our gigs.
On a perfect weekend I’d would be carp fishing by a lake. Me and my dad used to that all the time.

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