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The Wanted

December 2010

Jay McGuiness (right)

How much time are you getting off over Christmas?
Ten days which is wicked. We can’t ask for more than that. well we could but we wouldn’t get it. I’ll be spending it at home in Newark and some time in Nottingham, because I have a lot of mates in Nottingham.

What is your Christmas Day going to be like?
My sister will wake everyone up way too early. We’ll put our best clothes on and go to Mass. After that we’ll do the rounds visiting the relatives and collect all our presents, then have dinner, watch TV and get a bit drunk. Boxing Day is the big one for us because all the relatives and friends come round to ours. It’s manic. I’ve three brothers and a sister and we’ll each have a couple of mates round.

Are your family expecting better presents this year because you’re a successful pop star now?
Definitely. They used to hint that they’d want a top or something. Now it’s “I need a new laptop”. So do I.

What do you want for Christmas?
I think I’m a bit too old to get a big present now. Maybe a new tank for my (pet) lizard. That’s probably the most exciting thing I’ll get.

Have you had any Christmas presents from fans yet?
Oh yeah. Whenever we do signings we get loads of teddies and toys. I get packets of Skittles because in an interview once I said they were my favourite sweets. I’ve got a drawer full of them. We did a thing at a church the other day... in fact, Bill Nighy was there, which was a bit weird. And this girl gave me two CDs. We all get a lot of letters declaring love.

Have you got a girlfriend?
(Laughs) Nothing steady.

What was your most memorable Christmas present?
That was always a bike. And your mum would wrap it up, which was crazy.

And the worst?
Last year I got a belt and a pair of earrings. I’d bought the family a Wii, one brother an iPod, another a Celtic top, my sister a dead good pair of trainers and I got a belt and earrings. And I had a better belt and earring in anyway.

Why do you wear earrings, you girl?
That’s what my mum said.

When did you stop believing in Santa?
When my older brother found out and he told the rest of us. I was about three or four, so I don’t really remember actually believing in Santa.

Will you miss the rest of the band?
Probably. It’ll be the longest we’ve been away from each other for about a year.

 Tell me about your new single.
It’s called Lose My Mind and it’s out on Monday. It’s the one we did on the X-Factor actually. The video was shot in New York in a fairground and we got to go on all the rides. But people have said it looks like we could have been in Brighton, so we thought ‘well, that was a waste of a trip’. At least I got to go to New York, although I was gutted because I’m not old enough to drink over there.

How would you sum up your 2010?
It’s been the most unusual year I’ve ever had because the boy band thing happened.

What are your plans for 2011?
We got straight in to rehearsals for the tour which starts in March. There’s a lot of production gone in to that. Then we’ll finish our second album. We’ve already started writing for it.

Any plans to try and crack the US?
We’ve now got a record deal with Def Jam in America, so we’ll be making flying visits but I don’t think it’ll be a massive tour. We want to really own it over here first.

Who: The Wanted
Where: Royal Concert Hall
When: Saturday April 2
Tickets: £24, returns only, 0115 989 5555

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