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December 2010

I’M in Dusseldorf at the moment. It’s pretty full with the tour so I haven’t got time for any hobbies. My four-year-old son is with me so I suppose you could call that a pretty good hobby.
That takes up all my time when I’m not working.
Here’s here with me now but he’s due to go home in a bit and he really doesn’t want to. I’ve had to cajole him out of the bedroom.
We try and explore wherever we are. That’s the fun of having him on the road with me. Although with it being so wintry and cold it’s been a challenge because he didn’t really want to leave the hotel room. So that’s been frustrating, like dragging around a reluctant donkey. But we’ve been to aquariums, museums, indoor play centres... thank God for Google, is all I can say. Wherever we are we can search on there for things to do together.
And he gets to kick a ball around the arenas where we’re playing. I do play football but only a dismal mother way.
We have iPods and DVD players so during any boring down time we can listen to music or watch a film or play games together.
If we’re at home at the weekend we’d go to the park and the usual family stuff. I spend a lot of time on the Heath -- but not tearing tights off with my teeth I hasten to add.
It’s kids’ parties and staying in watching the X Factor. I enjoy it for the shouting at the telly aspect because it’s just so appalling. I enjoy my Saturday night rants. If I’m not out DJing or doing gigs I stay and watch other people making complete (fools) of themselves.
I saw a couple of episodes of I’m A Celebrity... but then we went on tour. I was rooting for Shaun Ryder, of course. Would I do it? No. I’ve absolutely no desire to that whatsoever. I don’t need to prove myself to anybody and if I want to I prove myself musically. Besides, being on a bus with a band is a very similar sort of thing. It’s a close knit community of people, thrown together in a way, so I’ve had my I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! moments aplenty. So I don’t need to go in to the jungle.
I wasn’t there but half the band went up a pyramid in Mexico last week and there were all these sorts of weird bugs at the top and some strange hallucinogenic drinks. So they had their own version of it. At the bottom of the pyramid in the little cafe there was a kind of worm on the menu. You don’t need to go all the way to Australia...
To keep fit I do a bit of kick-boxing. We all box a bit. And I’ve been to the gym twice this week which is a miracle for me. But we have the best catering in the world so it’s hard not to put on weight. Every portion of everything is amazing. In fact, I had three dinners the other night because I couldn’t choose.
The catering people have just been out with the Prodigy so if you see Keith (Flint)’s belly wobbling around when he’s trying to start those fires you’ll know why.
Having a good catering company makes the difference between a miserable tour and a great one. It’s cold, you’re away from home, so you look forward to meal times.
They always make egg and chips for Maxi (Jazz) so he goes on stage feeling great. He really loves his classic English food.
I’ve done two chapters of a book called Eat, Pray, Love (by Elizabeth Gilbert) about a woman who has a disastrous divorce and decides to do the things she’s always wanted to do. She goes to Italy to learn Italian... and that’s as far as I’ve got to. It’s very entertaining. They’re made it in to a film already? (Yes, with Julia Roberts). Oh super cheese.
On a perfect weekend I’d have sunshine, maybe in Ibiza on the beach with friends, drinking sangria all afternoon, plopping in and out of the sea.

Faithless play the Trent FM Arena tonight. Tickets are £29.50, call 08444 124 624.
A new album, The Dance Never Ends: Deluxe Remix Edition, is out now.

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