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Russell Watson

November 2010

I ALWAYS try to be home at the weekend to be with my children. My weekend is based around making them happy. So it’ll be a combination of watching films, getting on the Wii, going out for a walk... I try to find a range of things so they’re not doing the same thing every weekend. But overall we like to chill, eat and watch movies.

The big favourite on the Wii at the moment is Mario Kart. My nine-year-old, Hannah, is king of that. She whips us.
My other daughter, Rebecca, is 16. She’s just coming out the other side of the Kevin and Perry stage. To be fair in the past six months or so I’ve noticed the child becoming someone who is bordering on caring. From the age of 13 it was all “me, me, me, me, me... it’s so unfair”.
I live in ‘Mancheshire’. The posh bit, aye. (Sir Alex) Ferguson lives around here. Coronation Street? They can’t afford it around here (laughs).
I live opposite a field full of sheep. No!
On a Friday night, when the kids come over, the first thing they ask is ‘Dad, what are we watching?’ Recently it was Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, with Richard Gere. It was actually all right but you knew from the start what was going to happen. The dog’s going to die and everyone’s going to be crying at the end. And that’s pretty much what happened. They were all crying. No, not me. I’m a big, strong Salford lad.
I had a cinema room built in the house because I can’t really go to the cinema. I get teenagers throwing popcorn at me and and stuff like that (laughs). ‘Oi, Russell Watkins!’

Then I hear ‘RUSSELL!’ So I look over my shoulder.
 ‘All right lads?’ 
‘YOU’RE SH**!’

Years ago, I was walking through the Trafford Centre in Manchester and there were a group of kids, walking towards me, with their hoodies up. They gave me a double take and I was thinking ‘yeah, I’m down with the kids, even they recognise me.’ Then I hear ‘RUSSELL!’ So I look over my shoulder. ‘All right lads?’ ‘YOU’RE SH**!’
I was laughing about that for ages. I liked it so much I put that in my book.
I get stuff like that happening to me all the time.
The kids like spaghetti, lasagne and pizza but they like their fish fingers and chips as well. But I try to get vegetables down them. It’s dad’s cafe and dad’s taxi. And dad’s hi-fi store as well. My daughter’s iPod went missing on her 16th birthday so dad’s hi-fi store had to ring up to get her a new one.
I’m as fit as I’ve been for a long time. I’m feeling strong and fit and good about life. My career is... well, I couldn’t ask for any more at the moment.
I play a lot of tennis and I’m in the gym every other day. I watch what I eat and don’t drink too much and all the rest of it.
The last book I started was Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz. It’s triumph over adversity. It’s something that interests me because, I came from a nuts and bolts factory to the world of classical music, which is quite a step. The last book I finished was called Vocal Reproduction Through Organic Through Organic Imagery, which is a medical journal on how the voice works. I’ve did a heck a lot of study on the voice when I was ill.
My perfect weekend is what I do now, with the kids.

Russell Watson has announced a date at the Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday April 13. Tickets are £25 to £60, from the venue or call 0115 989 5555.
His album, La Voce, recorded with the Roma Sinfonietta, Ennio Morricone’s orchestra of choice, will be released on November 29.

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  1. At Last!!! Russell saying something different! Of late all I've read is the same stuff!!!