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Ellie Goulding

November 2010

I’M drinking coconut water. If you think about it, if you’re on a desert island, it’s all you’re going to be having. You get a hell of a lot of goodness out of it. And it’s good for training because I run three times a week.
I did the Great North Run, which was ten miles. You feel absolutely brilliant at the end of it, like you’ve achieved something mega. I’ve been running around five years. I don’t know why.
I even run to meetings at my record company in Kensington. They think it’s hilarious, me turning up in my sweaty sports gear.
I don’t really watch telly. OK, I will watch anything with Gordon Ramsay because I love him. I did watch some 30 Rock on my iPad on a plane recently. And I’ll watch Celebrity Come Dine With Me. I think The Inbetweeners is really funny. As is What Katy Did Next. It’s fascinating. Awful but fascinating.
I’d never do any reality TV. It’s fun to watch but...
I do have DVD box sets of things like Peep Show and Band Of Brothers but my mission on this tour when we get days off is to go to the cinema and catch up on some films. It’s a long tour so to keep morale up we’re going to find a cinema wherever we are. I won’t be watching blockbusters but more kind of art-house films. I know about Broadway in Nottingham because I had a boyfriend who I used to visit there.
I was with him quite a few years actually. He worked in a sound studio called Confetti. So I was back and forth quite a lot and I really do love Nottingham.
We’d go to bars and the cinema and a little vegan cafe and the Arboretum... lots of places. I feel weird talking about it. No, I’m not going to start crying!
I do like cooking but I don’t do a lot. I’m quite careful what I eat. Apart from sweets. I’ve had to stop myself eating sweets because I can eat a lot. Oh, I love liquorice allsorts and pick ‘n’ mix. I love all the colours and the shapes, I’m like a child with them.
But I stopped the past few weeks. And I stopped drinking for a bit. It’s a detox before I go on tour.
I work at weekends, yeah. I’ve been prepping for the tour. To be honest I live from day to day. I need my laptop to find out what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Which has been difficult lately because I haven’t yet got internet at my new flat so I haven’t been able to update it.
It’s only a rented flat in West London, it’s nothing special. I’ve only just figured out how the heating works.
I don’t see many gigs but I went to see Foals and Everything Everything in New York recently. I know some of the guys so I did go along to the little after party. But it’s not always like that. I’ll go the gigs and stand at the back like anyone else. When I get time to that is.
I haven’t been to the theatre for a long time. That’s something else I need to work on.
If I could do anything at the weekend, I’d drive somewhere, go walking in the woods go for a run and have a Sunday roast.

Ellie Goulding appears at Rock City on Tuesday November 9 supported by Sunday Girl and Bright Light Bright Light. Tickets are sold out.
A repackaged version of her No. 1 album Lights, featuring six new tracks, is released on Monday.

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