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Alexandra Burke

November 2010

Alexandra Burke

THE X Factor winner-turned-chart topper likes to boogie to Beyonce and theme parks with the family.

Weekends aren’t really weekends for me. They blend in to the week. I work nearly every day.
I had one Sunday off recently and I went to a theme park with the family. No kids, it was just me, my sister, my mum, my brother, some of the dancers and people from my record label. I like scary rides. I’m probably the biggest kid in my family. I like everything scary. You probably think I’m really mad.
Although normally when I do get a day off I stay at home and chill.
I watched some TV this morning for the first time in ages. I watched Daybreak and This Morning but I don’t usually watch TV. If I could I’d watch the X Factor, EastEnders and Corrie but that would be it. I’m not a huge TV fan, I’m more of a movie fan. I like to get a DVD out and chill with some popcorn. My sister will go to Blockbuster and get us a movie.
We watched Iron Man 2, Sex and the City 2, Love and Basketball, which is one of my favourite films of all time. It’s a romantic comedy about basketball, funnily enough.
I am a box set woman. I’ve just bought the Friends box set so that’s taking up any spare time I have. Last night I got in at one in the morning and I stayed up watching two episodes.
I’ve watched them before but because I’ve got the complete Friends box set now I’ve started again from the beginning.
My next box set will be Ugly Betty.
I still buy music, off iTunes mostly. Usually it’s the old stuff, Motown and classic soul. If I want a boogie I’ll put on some Michael Jackson or Beyonce.
I never got a chance to see Michael Jackson in concert, unfortunately. My mum did and she said he was amazing.
The last concert I went to where I wasn’t performing with someone else was Grace Jones. She was amazing.
My keep fit regime? I eat things in moderation. I don’t believe in diets, really. I don’t get time to exercise all the time but dancing keeps me fit anyway. Being on stage is enough.
My guilty pleasures are chocolate and chips. Not at the same time, no. Well, sometimes.
I take my dog for walks as well. He goes everywhere with me, pretty much. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier and he’s amazing. I love him. His worst habit is peeing inside. He’s trained to go outside but because I don’t have a garden he just does it anywhere now.
A perfect weekend would mean catching up with my family and relaxing. I quite like being in my pyjamas at home. Not doing much at all.

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