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I Blame Coco

October 2010

Sting’s daughter, who fronts synth pop band I Blame Coco, ends up getting her weekend on a Monday with no-one to play with.

I CAN’T remember the last weekend I had when I wasn’t working. I’ve a terrible memory anyway but over the summer we were at festivals every weekend and since then we’ve been constantly on the road, in different countries.
I sometimes get Mondays off for some reason. Which is a bit annoying because no-one else has Monday off so I’ve got no-one to play with.
I’ve been watching The Inbetweeners but Shameless is my favourite programme. I’m so in love with it even though I cry at every episode.
I also like Peep Show, Alan Partridge, The Day To Day and Brass Eye. I do watch a lot.
As far as DVD box sets, I have been told to get in to The Wire but I haven’t really got stuck in yet. I watched one episode but I didn’t really get it. Americans running around arresting people...
I love the cinema. I saw The Girl Who Played With Fire recently. The first one (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) I really liked. It was pretty heavy. The second one is a tiny bit lighter. I was told I should read the books but I’ve seen the films so I know what happens.
I read a lot. At the moment it’s Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse which I’m really enjoying. It’s about a man who lives alone, he doesn’t like the outside world and he believes he’s a wolf in human form. Someone gave it to me and said ‘you are the Steppenwolf’ so I felt I had to read it. And yes, it’s really cool.
On the road, I’m the only one without an iPod so I generally feel a bit left out. So I watch a film or read a book. I tend to get a bit car sick so I have to do something. I know you don’t get it when you drive and I can drive but not legally.
I saw Hurts recently at Shepherds Bush Empire. I’d like to see Ricky Gervais’ show.
I go running three times a week. I like to run. It’s good for dealing with frustration. You can feel like you’re running away from something. The police and stuff.
I try to make a Sunday roast when I’m at home. It’s a tradition I’ll do either for myself or for friends who’ll come over. I’m brilliant at it. It’s the only thing I can boast about.
I don’t make one on a Monday when I have a day off because it wouldn’t be a Sunday roast. It’d be a Monday mince. A depressing bit of gristle.
I’m not that fussy an eater. None of us are really. We’re happy with sandwiches, although ham and cheese can get a bit samey after a while. I had an apple today that I haven’t had in about four years. I don’t really like fruit.
I’d like to see more of the places we visit but we tend to get to the venue, load out, do a soundcheck, hang out with our support band, do the gig... but I’m loving it. If you love waiting around, travelling and playing music, it’s a good.
For a perfect weekend, I’d go to the beach with my mum and the dog. And just have a really lazy time with not a lot going on.

I Blame Coco’s UK tour comes to The Bodega Social Club on Monday November 1. Tickets are £7, call 0845 413 4444 or visit
Debut album, The Constant, is out November 8.

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