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Arthur Smith

October 2010

A WARM welcome will likely be extended to veteran stand-up, Grumpy Old Man and The One Show reporter Arthur Smith when he drops in on Newark next week. Which wasn’t the case the last time he came to Nottingham.
“Someone poured a pint of urine over me,” he says.
“The bloke that did was completely out of it. And he told me he did it because he thought I was really funny. I kind of laughed because it was such a ridiculous situation.
“I hope he’s not in the audience in Newark next week. Mind you he’s probably dead by now, judging by the state he was in back then.”
After decades on the circuit and regular series on Radio 4, Smith has entered the mainstream of late with appearances on BBC1’s The One Shoe.
“I’ll be doing a spate on health and safety soon,” he laughs, aware of the ludicrous idea of him knowing much about either.
“They ring me up and say ‘do you want to do this?’ I did a series where I slept overnight in the homes of famous dead people like the Bronte’s and HMS Victory where Nelson was. I like the historical ones. I refused to do one about Battersea Dogs Home because I didn’t really want to spend the day with a load of yapping dogs.”
His current UK tour is billed as Arthur Smith At Large. So, what’s it about?
“I’ll be talking about my life, the beauties of Newark, I’ll do a bit of singing, I may have a naked woman... and I’ll be setting the world to rights.”
And he’ll be keeping a close eye on drunk men approaching him clutching pint glasses, no doubt.

Arthur Smith plays the Palace Theatre, Newark next Friday October 8. Tickets are £15. Tel: 01636 655755.

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