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Mathew Horne: Worried About The Boy

May 2010

GAVIN and Stacey star Mathew Horne will be seen kissing a 17-year-old man on BBC this weekend.
But he’s not worried what his mum, back in Burton Joyce, will think.
“I’ve done it before so I don’t think she’ll mind too much,” said the 31-year-old, who appears in the Boy George drama Worried About The Boy.
“It was with James (Corden, his Gavin and Stacey co-star) and in the very early days that I did on-screen boy-on-boy action.”
Mathew plays Culture Club drummer Jon Moss, who had a tempestuous relationship with the androgynous singer, played by newcomer Douglas Booth.
The 90-minute drama charts the beginnings of the band on London’s New Romantic scene up to their first hit in 1982, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? The song was written by George about Moss.
“When we recreated the Top Of The Pops performance of that song Jon was on set, which was very strange. Especially as I’m wearing the same shirt he wore.
“I asked him for any clothes he had and he happened to come up with the shirt. So there I am as him, in his clothes, 28 years on.”
Moss was concerned about how he would be portrayed in the drama, which also stars The League Of Gentlemen’s Mark Gatiss as Malcolm McLaren.
“I think he was happy that I was playing him but he wanted to know about the script and how he was going to be portrayed. I told him he was being portrayed in a really nice way.”
The Moss/George relationship remained secret outside the band until the singer published his tell-all autobiography, Take It Like A Man, in 1995. By this time Moss was married with three children.
Moss was the driving force in the band but there was little actual footage of him for Matthew to capture his personality.
“I can play the drums a bit and that was enough to get by. But on the internet there’s an interview with him and a press conference but little else. It became clear that I need to look like Jon, which I think I do, but to make it a 100 per cent accurate impersonation would be a mistake.
“We all had to find the right balance between making it faithful but also dramatic.
“It’s got to work as a film for somebody who doesn’t know Jon Moss or Culture Club and who wasn’t around in the eighties.”
He was too young to draw on any personal memories.
“I don’t remember anything of them. But I really wanted to do it because the script was so good and to do with music which I’m very interested in.”
Though he never wanted to be a musician himself.
“It would take away my love of music,” said the regular gig-goer.
The drama was filmed in Manchester earlier this year. He currently has a number of projects on the go.
“I’ll be doing something on the radio, I might be writing something in book form, I’m writing a couple of comedy shows, I’m attached to some films and there’s a play I want to do. I like to do one-off unique projects.”
He then admitted: “I’ve been taking it a bit easy. You’ve got to look after yourself.”
Last year he collapsed on stage due to exhaustion during a performance of Entertaining Mr Sloane at London’s Trafalgar Studios theatre.
At the time he was also promoting his BBC3 series with James Corden, Horne & Corden, their big screen debut Lesbian Vampire Killers and travelling around the country DJ-ing.
“I enjoy the DJ-ing but it’s such late nights and I was doing it four nights a week. I went through a period of really disliking it. But I’ve just started enjoying it again.”
He runs a monthly club night in Shoreditch, near to his home.
“I’ve never had one big ambition,” he said.
“I’m fortunate to have been given some amazing opportunities and at the moment that is still the case, so I’m really happy.”

Worried About the Boy is on BBC2 on Sunday at 9pm

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