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Clare Buckfield

March 2010
My weekend

I’VE just moved in to a new house with my boyfriend, my twin sister Julia and her partner.
Friday night we’ll cook dinner and sit and watch a film. The last one we saw was An Education. It was OK but I thought Carey Mulligan was amazing.
On Saturday I’ll get the papers and have a nice chilled morning at home, then go and see some friends. On Saturday night we’ll cook then meet up with friends, maybe go in to town because my boyfriend works in the West End. I’ll normally meet him after work and we go out.
We all do the cooking. The boys have just got in to it, using the 20-minute recipes on the Jamie Oliver iPhone App. My boyfriend cooked a lovely Thai green curry the other day.
I do the Sunday roast or a chicken chausseur. Good old homely food.
Sunday will be a bike ride to blow all the cobwebs away, have lunch, then stay in and watch telly.
We watch Dancing On Ice. I’ve just got in to Outnumbered, the comedy with the kids where they don’t have a script. That’s brilliant.
Working in theatre at night we miss out on a lot of series so we catch up with box sets. We’re a box sets household. At the moment it’s Entourage and True Blood. Oh my God, I love Encourage. Ari Gold is so hilarious.
I got hooked on True Blood when I was doing Little Shop of Horrors last year. I absolutely love it.
In terms of books I’ve the new Dan Brown which I haven’t started yet. I’m going to take that on tour with me. I love Dan Brown. He’s such a great writer. They’re real thrillers that you don’t want to put down. I tend not to read thrillers and mystery novels because I’m a bit of a scaredy cat. I’ll be taking Michael Palin’s autobiography on tour as well. And when I’m not reading non-fiction I like chick lit. Sophie Kinsella and all those.
I’ve recently got in to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. I wondered why they’d won so many awards so I was quite intrigued. And it’s beautiful. But I also love The Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie is a particular fave, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.
I do see a lot of live music. My boyfriend is a musical director. He’s working on Oliver at the moment. He and his colleagues form bands together.
The first gig I ever saw was The Divine Comedy and it was absolutely brilliant and then Wyclef Jean, who was amazing.
As well as riding the bike I do yoga and Pilates, mainly for core strength for skating and for flexibility. And it’s a nice chill-out.
I’ve always been a sporty person. I used to go to the gym but I hated it and that’s why I took up yoga and Pilates.

Dancing On Ice comes to the Trent FM Arena on April 27 and 28, 7.30pm. Extra tickets have just gone on sale for 2.30pm matinee on April 28, priced £32.50 to £65. Tel: 08444 124624 or go to

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